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Bavol had merely glanced over the supposed evidence that was put before her. She didn't want to believe it and neither she would. Those around her could surely guess how she was feeling at that moment. Alvina, the loyal servant of Vincent was there, close-by. Bavol didn't dare to face her.

"Though it is .such a surprise... that a traitor could get so close to a Princess no less and go unnoticed.... Even the lofty can't see the wood from the trees it seems." The woman spoke and irked the princess ever so slightly. Her gentle hands formed into tightly wound fists as the white haired girl stood quietly. However, with the intrusion of Vincent that did not last very long. "Now, now Alvina let's not distress the Princess as I am sure her mind is already clouded with grief of her mistakes in choosing an treacherous knave for a bodyguard". He said in his common vincent-ness tone.

"Pan it, Vince! Yeu hasn't done anything wrong and once I get him free he'll kick your ass!" The otherwise sweetly appearing lass spat at the rival prince. She briefly shot a glance at his servant also. "You would do well to remember who you are speaking to! I am the Princess of Air! The only traitors here are you pair! Satan clearly does not realize."

Her once high praise of their ruler was increasingly dieing as time passed on. Could she trust Satan? Certainly not Vince or any of his subordinates. What was a princess to do? "What a pity. The high and mighty are truly falling."

Her little remark was more or less directed at Satan, though he seemed to not require her audience any longer and the girl took her moment to get a little dig at him. She turned on her heel and began to take her leave, somewhat quickly in fear their ruler may seek out punishment just then, though paused momentarily to look once again at Vincent and his little helper. "I will challenge who I see fit if it means proving the innocence of Yeu. I am no fool, I know who I talk down to! It is by no accident that I do not tread lightly around you both and our leader." She had heard all that the duo had muttered on about and really paid little attention to what Vincent said next.

"Now, I feel so horrible for leaving you so..unprotected without that traitor, I would be more than pleased to lend you dearest Alvina at least temporarily." Was he doing her favour? Hardly. "The only one who will serve me is Yeu. Once he is free and this issue is dropped normality will be restored once more." It was hardly a lie to say that Bavol did not trust Alvina around her. She couldn't tolerate the woman, especially now. "Do as you wish - just stay out of my way."

With that said the princess took her leave from Satan's room and immediately began to progress to where her servant was being held down below. A short time later, Bavol arrived at the cells in which Yeu had been placed in. Where exactly, she wasn't too sure. The princess only knew he had been taken to their rulers dungeon, a place that she had, perhaps, only visited once if that. It wasn't exactly the sort of area she enjoyed being in. Nevertheless she needed Yeu and wouldn't stop until he was free.

Having thrown her authority around it hadn't taken long before one of the demons that roamed the area guided the girl to the specific cell that contained her bodyguard. That demon of course was the overseer. A peculiar demon in Bavol’s opinion, though she felt little need to really converse with the woman. All that the princess wanted was to find her subordinate, and not long after the overseer had shown Bavol to the specific cell that housed her servant. With a swift motioning of her hand the princess did not desire the overseer to remain, shooing the demon away almost, though the woman would most likely linger around just to keep an eye on their interactions.

Prior to leaving the woman had unlocked the door to the cell, to which Bavol proceeded to hurry through and close tightly behind her. Turning round her eyes immediately fell contently onto the familiar face of her servant, Yeu.

Skipping over the girl wrapped her arms around his figure and held him close for a moment, until she finally released the boy shortly after, affectionately ruffling his hair and looking him over whilst doing so. "Yeu, Yeu! What‘s going on? Their all saying bad things about you!" She quickly spoke with little time to take a breath, before sitting herself down calmly next to the other demon. "Not that I believe them, of course. I know their all lying! Vincent says you’re a traitor and has convinced Satan that your opposing him -- he even has proof, but it can‘t be true?"

Her eyes slowly glanced over his features once more, a look of unhappiness filling her own face as she raised a hand and gently traced the tip of her finger against the outlines of his cheek. "I hope their not treating you too badly. I wish I could break you out of here and be more helpful. I'm suppose to be a princess and yet I can't even help you."