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Snippet #2551245

located in The Kingdom of Valexia, a part of Ter'Ciel Saga: The War of Akyel, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Kingdom of Valexia

The sights and sounds of bustling Valexia are enough to overload one's senses.


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Ilana had noticed the commotion coming from the tavern, but by the time she arrived, the chaos was already spilling outside. There was almost no way to determine who among the brawlers was an innocent party, and truly, anyone who chose to stick around and work out a nonexistent dispute with their fists was not someone Ilana was going to intervene on the behalf of. More than that, bar fights really weren’t her specialty.

What did catch her eye, however, were the two figures fleeing from the scene, one a young man who looked quite at home on the Valexian streets, the other a girl who looked quite the opposite. More or less dragging the girl by the arm he pulled her into an alley, the pair checking behind them often, probably for pursuers. Intrigued, Ilana urged Diana after them at a trot, getting off of the main streets, doing her best to keep them in sight while maintaining her distance. She hadn’t planned on getting involved in anything on her way back to the monastery, but ignoring this would not have sat well with her.

The Paladin found them stopped in a run-down neighborhood, in the street by an empty stone basin, facing off against two cudgel-armed thugs who appeared to mean business. The smaller man with the knife appeared to have taken somewhat of a defensive stance in front of the girl, and now Ilana felt she was required to intervene, before this got out of hand.

“Easy there, gentlemen,” she said, bringing her horse to a stop off to the side and smoothly dismounting. “Step away from these two, please.” Her tone was calm, controlled, even a bit gentle, but still quite serious. Her sword remained sheathed at her hip, but she slowly pulled her shield onto her arm. The thugs were both greater than her in size, and appeared unmoved.

“Dis none o’ your concern, lady,” the closer of the two replied, tapping his cudgel into the palm of his hand. “You’ll clear outta here if you know what’s good for ya.”

Ilana sighed slightly, still not drawing her weapon. “This is my concern now, I’m afraid, and unless you can somehow justify bashing these two’s heads in with clubs, I suggest you take a step back, and allow us to discuss this.”

The cretin shook his head. “Ain’t nuthin’ to discuss.” He gestured with his head to his friend, and the two of them attacked.

As much as she hadn’t wanted to do this, Ilana couldn’t say it was unexpected. Quickly she made sure to position herself between the two that the thugs threatened, raising her shield to meet the first swing that came her way. The cudgel bounced off its face with a clang, deflected harmlessly to the side. The other thought to attack her on her flank, but Ilana predicted this, delivering a solid kick to his gut when he had his weapon raised to strike. He staggered backwards, giving her a moment to deal with the first one.

Her short sword came free in a flash, and she rushed him, ramming against his body with the face of her shield, close enough such that his big club was more or less useless. With her sword she slashed low, slicing into the side of his leg, forcing him down onto one knee with a cry of pain. This she followed up with a knee strike to his forehead, the armored top of her boot knocking him senseless and onto his back.

Ilana turned back just in time to catch the other one rushing up behind her, a heavy two handed blow with the cudgel smashing into her shield. He had a great deal of strength, but she braced herself properly, and held up under the blow. While the force of the attack rebounded against him Ilana saw an opening, and slammed the bottom rim of her shield down, smashing the thug’s toes on one foot. He howled and jumped back, letting Ilana follow up with a second shield strike, this time with the top rim, directly into his face. His hands went to cover his bloodied nose and brow, and Ilana pushed forward, sweeping a leg behind him and tripping him onto his back. Before he could do more than roll over onto his side she sent a powerful kick to his head, knocking him out as well, and settling the scene into silence.

With the fight over, Ilana slowed her breathing. “Well, that was unwise of them,” she said, before heading back over to her horse and pulling a small cloth from one of the side packs, which she used to clean off her blade. That done, she sheathed her weapon again and settled her shield back in position across her back, turning to face the two she had just stepped in on behalf of.

“My name is Ilana. I’m with the Paladin Order. Are either of you hurt?”