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Snippet #2551553

located in New Everyshore, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

New Everyshore



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Character Portrait: Letch Gordon Character Portrait: Agent Church Character Portrait: Seara Burke
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The DED agents turned to Seara as she was tossed into the room. The man dragging her bled heavily from his nose and he gave her a few choice words. "Fekkik! Shliznat! Tá tú a bheith íoctha cheana féin! You have already been paid!", he stated before he left the room and the door slid closed behind him.

Lynch spoke up. "This is Seara Burke she is a...", she said and paused long as she looked for the word. ".. a taistealaí, a traveler..." Daly, the male agent spoke next. "She can navigate unstable wormholes. She is not with CONCORD and she knows Ayenee and Eden as well as any of us." Seara had been paid a hefty sum, thee-hundred million interstellar credits at the start and promised three-hundred million more if she insured they did not perish during their stay in Onyx.

Lynch motioned for Church and Seara to follow and lead them into another room with a recessed cell. A man lay on a bunk in a holding cell separated from the rest of the room by a shimmering field of force. "We will leave you to your work. Please remember that 'we' do not practice or condone the use torture or mental invasion when 'we' question criminals here Ayenee. It is considered as invasive as rape." Lynch nodded and left the room.

Letch sat up in his bunk and looked at them through the force field. "What do you want harpooda?", he said as he stared hard at Church.

Fekkik - (slang) stupid waif; naive fool; dipshit, arse.

Shliznat - Supposed combination that means shit head or stupid fuck.

Harpooda - extremely offensive curse word, making other curse words pale in comparison. The exact meaning is intentionally vague, as a joke. In context, it seems to be a noun for someone who performs an utterly disgusting sex act.

Taistealaí - Ayen (Irish) - Traveler - A human gifted with the ability to navigate unstable wormholes. They are also called Iarrthóir. The ability is extremely rare and only found among the human population of Ayenee and Eden.