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Snippet #2552432

located in The Kingdom of Valexia, a part of Ter'Ciel Saga: The War of Akyel, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Kingdom of Valexia

The sights and sounds of bustling Valexia are enough to overload one's senses.


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Character Portrait: Mariette Renard Character Portrait: Ilana Valencia Character Portrait: Locke Taurin
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Mariette Renard

It was over in an instant.

The two ruffians who had followed her into the alleyway were now lying silently on the pavement. Wide eyed, Mariette was stunned by the woman's prowess. She seemed so calm. So confident. She moved between the two brigands like a dance, primly switching partners without missing a beat.

Ilana. Of the Paladin Order. Of course Mariette had heard of them before. She'd even met a few of their members who had stopped through Harlemont on their travels. Their stories were always among her favorites to hear. Tales of grand battles and confrontations all in the name of justice and the good of the people. How lucky for her that this Ilana had passed through when she did! Clearing her throat softly, Mariette took a small step forward.

"Thank you so much, Miss Ilana. I am ever grateful for your assistance." She kept her words formal, although the expression on her face was one of intense relief.

'Yes, she saved you, but you can't count on that happening again. You need to get out of here already!'

True. Mariette needed to keep moving. She apparently looked suspicious enough to perk up the noses of the locals. Any more attention and she might get caught.

'Is this what I am now? A felon? A wanted criminal?'

How ironic that it would be her inability to turn a blind eye to injustice that would land her on Caldaria's most wanted list.

'No. It's not like that. I'm not the criminal here. I'm just doing what's right.'

The thought sounded more like some feeble attempt to convince herself. It was a bit hard to believe that she was the righteous one when she was standing in the middle of a secluded alleyway clutching a satchel with -

'What are you still doing here!?'

Mariette forced a smile. It was time to move.

"Thank you again for the help, Miss. I always seem to forget how horrible the atmosphere is in this part of town." She laughed nervously before turning to the man the brigands had called Locke.

"And thank you, Mr. Locke. I'll be sure to recommend your escort services to my friends when I return home."

She curtseyed slightly, clutching her satchel to her chest, before turning and walking out of the alleyway.

'Escort service? God, what was I thinking?'

She'd never been very good at lying. As weak as her alibi may have been, she had to keep moving forward. Davonshire seemed the next logical place for her to go. The city was miles away, across the ocean, and free of any Valexian influence.

'And just how much longer are you planning on running?'

It was an uncomfortable thought that the girl was not ready to tackle just yet. All that mattered was getting the Mirror of Akyel as far away from Harlemont and her uncle as possible. All she needed to do was board a ship bound for Davonshire. If she could manage to avoid any more tavern fights, mysterious abductors, filthy brigands, and Paladin saviors, it would perhaps prove to be a rather simple journey. Perhaps.

Sighing softly to herself, Mariette emerged from the alley and back out into the main street. Once again drowning in the bustling crowd, she looked around for any indication of where the harbor might be.

A rather simple journey, indeed.