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located in Freedom's Blade Conference Room, a part of Mass Effect: Independence, one of the many universes on RPG.

Freedom's Blade Conference Room

Briefing room and Quantum Entanglement Communicator suite


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Commander Marshal waited until all of the crew had assembled. When the last man, the Quarian sniper, finally filtered in, he stood up.

"Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the USV Freedom's Blade. I hope you've found the ship's provisions satisfying. Normally, we would spend the next days on a shakedown cruise, with exercises and drills. However, a situation has come up which requires our immediate attention, and against my own recommendation, High Command has ordered us to deploy early. It's not ideal, but orders are orders, and neither our commanders nor myself will accept room for error. Major Tarchus will fill us in on the details. Major" Marshall stepped back.

Tarchus stood up, activating her Omni-tool and diming the room's lights as she activated the holoprojector concealed in the table.

"As many of you may already know, Union munitions, armor and equipment are produced by Black Star Trans-Galactic through a skunkworks program. War materials are manufactured under the cover of commercial goods being sold to security forces and governments. The surplus is hidden from the books, and transported to our strongholds and garrisons by various means. This"

she tapped her Omni-tool, bringing up an image of a small planet on the holoprojector

"is the Turian colony of Achatus. It's a small colony on the edge of Turian space, and was the site of several major battles during the Unification Wars. It is also a signatory to the Union Constitution. After Independence Day, we expect it to be one of the first worlds invaded by Hierarchy forces. That is why this facility"

the image zoomed rapidly inward, highlighting a small valley encircled on two sides by mountains, with three buildings nestled inside it

"is of absolute strategic value. Acquired from Armax Arsenal through a hostile takeover five years ago, this manufacturing facility is currently under the control of Black Star. Since the Hierarchy does not allow Black Star to produce war materials within their space, as far as the public is concerned, this factory produces civilian exoskeletons and hardsuits for construction workers, EVA, firefighters and other emergency services. In actual fact, the facility possesses a sub-basement level in the main factory complex, here, where we have a munitions plant producing 7x40mm and 10x32mm slugs for the Liberator, Shrike, Stalwart, and other standard issue weapons. When the planet is occupied, we will no longer be able to get supplies to our troops and partisans there. Particularly ammunition. Thus, it is absolutely imperative that this facility is not compromised, and remains operational"

Marshall spoke up.

"Four hours ago, the facility missed its regular check in time. Further attempts to contact them have proven fruitless. Our orders are to proceed immediately to the planet, and attempt to contact them by short-range radio. If that fails, we are to land with a small force and investigate the facility on the ground. In all likelihood, we are merely dealing with a communications malfunction, but in case we are not, and our worst fears are confirmed, High Command wants enough firepower to deal with the situation without attracting undue attention from the Turians by dispatching a normal troop ship. So it's up to us to look into it"

Tarchus continued.

"Provided we do fail to contact the facility from orbit, or detect anything unusual on our scanners, we will deploy to the surface by shuttle, in two teams. The second team, Team Bravo, will secure the landing site here in the courtyard, and will act as sentries, keeping watch on the complex, and standing by to assist Team Alpha if hostiles are encountered. Team Alpha will scout the facility, entering the Administrative complex here, and proceeding to the security room in the basement. Provided contact has still not been made, they will attempt to gain access to the complex's security cameras and other systems, and failing that, move through each floor of the admin building, then the factory, and finally the warehouse/shipping hub" She pointed to each building as she mentioned it "Our first priority is to secure the munitions plant, and ensure that is it not discovered by Council forces"

"Team Alpha will be composed of Akaya Sheol, Char'Galeko vas Grimoire, Seleria Rula, Dr. Heuran, the Geth prototype unit, and myself. Team Bravo will comprise Corporal Nor'amon, Hatjan'Reegar, Caibus Ursilius, Zaan'Shiro and Whitcomb, with Major Tarchus in command. Everyone else will remain on the ship. We will be arriving in under three hours. Any questions?" Marshall finished.