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Snippet #2553683

located in Johto, a part of Pokémon: Journey Through Johto, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Jodi had never been more sure of one thing as she was now. The sun hated her. For hours she sat in her bed staring out the window waiting for the slightest sign of the sun to appear. What seemed like ages ago a speck of light began to shine and then time seemed to freeze. Nothing. No more light. The sun had turned into a Slowpoke she was sure of it. Her eyes began to droop as the picture of a Slowpoke dressed in bright yellow danced across her mind.

A hand touched her back and Jodi jumped up. A plush Pokéball that had been sitting in her lap tumbled to the ground as she turned ready to fight whoever dared coming into her room. Yet as she pulled her fist back Jodi was met with the amused face of her father. 'Hmm...Someone's excited for her journey today eh?' He chuckled and ruffled Jodi's hair. 'Looks like you fell asleep waiting for the sun. Again.'

She blushed. Jodi had a tendency to fall asleep when she was trying to stay awake. 'Daaaaad....Come on! Today's the day!' He held up his hands in mock surrender. 'Right right...Come on, I made breakfast.' At this Jodi let out an excited whoop and rushed out of the room and skidded into her kitchen.

Breakfast was her favorite, eggs, waffles, bacon and orange juice. She scarfed it down faster then she normally would and the moment her plate was empty Jodi stood. 'Daaaaad! I'm done!' Her father was still eating his own breakfast but he pushed the plate back and stood anyway. 'Okay...go get dressed. I have to get you something.' She nodded and left the room.

Her clothes where already picked out and sat waiting on her dresser. It took her mere seconds to get dressed and soon enough she was back in the kitchen. Her father had in one hand a backpack while the other was held behind his back. He tossed the backpack to Jodi who caught it with ease and at once began to rummage through it. Inside was five empty Pokéballs, four bottles of water, a bento box and fingerless gloves. 'Dad I-' He silenced her with a finger and brought out his other hand. In it was a single Pokéball.

Jodi gasped as he walked over and placed it in her own hand. She gazed at it in awe. 'Go ahead.' Her Fath nodded at her. 'See who it is.' Taking a deep breath Jodi threw the Pokéball in the air. 'Let's go!' There was a flash of light and a small Cyndaquil sat staring up at her. Jodi stared for a long moment before rushing up to hug her father. 'Thankyousomuchdad!' Her words were rushed and her father looked rather caught off guard but he still hugged his daughter back. 'He'll need a name you know.'

Jodi nodded and pulled away from her dad. She dropped to her knees by the Cyndaquil who sniffed her outstretched hand. 'Hmm....Cindy? The fire type looked rather offended. 'Okay'll be a Typlosion one day so....Ty?' He let out a happy chirp and rubbed his head against Jodi's hand. Jodi giggled and scooped him up carefully holding him so the flames didn't effect her. 'Dad....This mean I leave then...'

He nodded and pulled Jodi into another hug. 'Yep. I love you sweetie. Now you better go. I know you want to get there before the others that way you can suprise them with Ty.' Jodi tightened the hug before pulling away. 'Thanks dad...Love you!' With that Jodi and Ty where out the door.

Shaking with excitment Jodi reached the meeting point within minutes. It was simple. They'd meet right outside the town and all start their journey together. She was the first there and sat down by a sign post. Ty looked up at her and let out a little cry. Jodi patted his head and gazed down the road her four friends would soon come down.