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Snippet #2555588

located in Jeildea, a part of Princess of Massacre || Rebellion, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Kachinonai Aku Character Portrait: Agrona Caedwyn Character Portrait: Lyon Kazuto Character Portrait: Audona Aislinn Caoimhe Character Portrait: Adrienne M. Adamantis Character Portrait: Vern Baralli Character Portrait: Aglaeca Nero Character Portrait: Lu Fei and Shi Xin
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"Everyone prepare to leave in fifteen. Vern and Lyon, come with me." Agleacea held himself back from groaning with disappointment. Hardly anything came for him to actually have fun, and now she was going to hunt without him? There were souls, and he could sense it, a more primitive, demonic instinct to consume them, leaving them in darkness. Still, he held back the desire to destroy, and simply nodded, shooting a curious look at the kelpie. It never seemed to like it when the both of them were there, but most people didn’t, anyway. He was somewhat used to being hated and shied away from, so he stepped back, leaving the kelpie alone to her own private space.

“Be back soon!” He called after them as the princess went into the forest, along with Vern and Lyon. “Geez… and it was such a perfect opportunity to get my breakfast too…” he muttered under his breath as he looked at the forest. He could vaguely sense their souls, though they were different, somewhat. It was odd, but they didn’t feel like normal humans, or sinners by the looks of it. There was something off about them, like they were made that way, but again he might be too paranoid about it.

"So the Princess enters the dark woods with two men all on her lonesome, my, oh my, I can only imagine the sheer horror of a little Princess running around."
Aku spoke then, snapping him out of his thoughts, as he fixed his bright purple orbs on the crippled man, a mischievous smile dancing on his lips.“So… do you want to go after her on that horse thing? Because I am going in there, all right.” he asked, shooting a meaningful look at the kelpie. It would be rather funny to see how Audona reacts to that after all, a bit of amusement for him. Still the uneasy feeling nagged at him, and his curiosity to finding a new type of soul was far too much. “Yep, I’m going after them.” He said, again, as if testing and confirming that statement, before running off in all his demonic speed, like a child who was out to play. It would be fun watching them fight, and even joining in if he wanted to, the perfect thing for a morning exercise. If he was lucky, he might even get to eat the souls too. At least, that was what he thought when he tree almost fell on him.

“Whaa?!” He yelped, nimbly dodging aside as he grabbed the trunk and lifted it up, no problem at all. He could already see Adrienne’s silver hair, her back facing him along with Vern. Lyon was probably hidden somewhere, being the cautious person he was, and Aglaeca scanned the surroundings one last time, before focusing his attention on the enemies, one of which was pointing a weapon at the princess. A variant. The skill the boy was able to wield them with was brilliant, his actions almost perfect as he attacked, looking like a dance. Too perfect. It almost made him feel uneasy, but there were more serious things at hand.

“Hey Adrienne, Vern! You guys okay?” He called out, carefully leaving lyon’s name out in case they hadn’t noticed the man just yet. Though he was sure that they could dodge it, he still held the tree, ready to hurl it in case the princess or his companion can’t dodge the blows.