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Snippet #2555716

located in Jeildea, a part of Princess of Massacre || Rebellion, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Lyon Kazuto Character Portrait: Adrienne M. Adamantis Character Portrait: Vern Baralli Character Portrait: Aglaeca Nero Character Portrait: Lu Fei and Shi Xin
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"I'm not that lazy..." he muttered while crossing his arms in response to Adrienne's little crack. He had continued to quietly watch the two, observin’ them as he finished his little semi-circle. He raised his arms up behind his head, linking his fingers together so that his hands rested against his neck.

"Before you take your leave, let me ask you one thing. Whom do you serve, 5610, 5611." this made Vern cock his head to the side, confused. What in the hell was she talking about? He got something on an answer to his own question, but though he wasn’t happy that involved making him deaf.

Grimacing, he lowered his hands now to a more defensive position for a fight. “Fuckin’ell I’m already half blind, I don’t need ta be deaf too!” he shouted, though he went quiet as he saw a large number of variants move up around the Fei and Xin. “Oh…oh dear.” As they came flying towards him and Adrienne, Vern held his ground as he brought his arms up to his head, forearms facing out as if blocking his face from a punch. As he did so, two tall slabs of rock shot up out of the ground in front of him, forming in the shape of a wedge as the weapons collided with the outside of them. Metal scraped across stone as the weapons glanced off across the angled surfaces of the earthen shield, some variants with enough momentum managing to pierce through the stone so that their sharp blades rested not far from the body they had been trying to impale.

A moment later, he looked to the side to see tree falling towards his position. A smile crept on his face as he quickly slid his back foot along the ground, it not once liftin’ from its place on the earth as he spun his stance around so that he faced it. He went to throw a left hook towards the tree to hit it with some rock and knock it out of the way, but instead he got to see the small boy Aglaeca move up, catchin’ hold of the tree by its trunk and liftin’ it up over his head like it was simply a hollow foam structure. “Hey Adrienne, Vern! You guys okay?” he called out to the two of them. Vern just stared at the boy, somewhat dumbfounded for a moment before collecting his thoughts again and turning himself to face their opponents. He could see Adrienne having herself a fair duel with the man, though she knocked him away after a few blows, landing near Vern.

“Yeah, I’m good!” Vern said as he formed the earthen slabs he had used sink into the ground. He made sure that whatever variants were lodged into it sank back into the ground with them, burying them in hopes it’d hold them there. As he did so, he felt the stone beneath him rise up and begin to forms the gauntlets and greaves he used so much, adopting his fighting stance.

“Vern take over here.” Adrienne said, not even turning to look at Vern before she bolted off towards the female. He watched her go for a moment before nodding his head, turning towards the direction Fei had been sent.

He flexed his arms before raising them up about chin level, nodding his head with a smile on his face. “You folks seemed like such nice people too, but ‘ey I always like a good fight.” He then pushed off of the ground, sprinting towards Fei.

What he’d failed to notice though, due to his excitement and it having happened on his blindside, was The Princess get t-boned by another opponent. To Vern, he thought it was just the sound of Adrienne movin’ in to fight Xin, or perhaps the nice pair of boobs had just moved forwards to engage the nice pair of legs, Adrienne. Whatever it was, he figured Legs could handle herself while Vern had his fight with Fei. Not to mention he was sure Lyon was already movin' in to help with the fight, so Vern also figured The Princess would have assistance if she really needed it. He was stopped though when he to was tackled from the side, falling to the ground as he felt claws dig into his sides.

Shouting in surprise and a bit of pain, he reached up to grab hold of...whatever the hell it was that was over him.Not waiting to feel it scratch at him again, he thrust one of his rock covered hands up at it and into its chest. As his hand made contact, all the pieces of rock over his arm shot off into it at once like a blast of buck-shot from a shotgun, blasting it in the chest and launchin' it off of him. As it flew back, Vern got up to his feet, wincing and looking at the cuts that were on his sides. they didn't look too terrible, but damned did they hurt. He summoned up more rocks to cover his arm once more, but also several stones rose up out of the ground and pressed themselves over his flayed side; they stung as they were tightly pressed against his wounds to try and hold back the bleeding. He took his fighting stance, now trying to keep Fei in his sights but also noticing the other figures around the area. "Well fuck a duck and call me a monkey..."