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Snippet #2555724

located in Jeildea, a part of Princess of Massacre || Rebellion, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Kachinonai Aku Character Portrait: Lyon Kazuto Character Portrait: Adrienne M. Adamantis Character Portrait: Vern Baralli Character Portrait: Aglaeca Nero
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The sudden voice in the silence broke his concentration, and Aku looked up at the small, demonic boy, or small demon that took the form of a little boy... or perhaps a small, demon boy? Then again... did it really matter? Was there a noticeable difference between the nuances? He granted there was some difference between each of them, but was it noticeable enough for him to make a true distinction? Even more importantly, did he truly care? No, he supposed he did not. Lost in this thoughts over the subtle difference in address, he did not have time to answer him before he was taking off in the direction that the Princess went off to.

With the two men, his beloved princess, and the boy, whose classification would be determined at a later date, gone from the camp, Aku would almost venture that it looked as if he was going to have a decent morning so far as mornings went. Reaching into his small pack next to him, for security purposes, he pulled out a small black notebook as well as a small pen and started to write, the pen scratching paper filling the fairly quiet woods.

As he reached for his nearly empty cup of tea, he flinched as the loud, ear-splitting wail filled the woods, the sound distorting and changing due to the trees until whatever initial purpose the sound had was indiscernible to Aku. So great was the sound that it had nearly surprised him enough to force him to drop his tea, which any lesser man would have, but Aku was no lesser man and was made of sterner stuff when it came to holding onto his tea, the only solace he had on these long treks to recover their beloved Princess.

Although, there was a new question that arose due to that scream, just what had the princess gotten herself into this time? He supposed it would be unfair to assume it was her, but he was never a fair person to begin with. The odds were very strong that his beloved princess had done something... incredibly... stupid again, and he had less then little desire to go limping around the forest chasing after whatever terrible beast made that sound. She had her two boys with her and the little demon had gone off as well, perhaps others would follow, but Aku was not going to be one of those. If she died here then so be it, it made his job a little easier, but the Princess was a fairly annoyingly hard person to kill, so she would probably survive. Perhaps, if he was lucky, the group would lose a few members, save him a few coins at the next town.

Taking the overdue sip from his quickly vanishing tea, Aku returned to his work, the scraping of pen against paper filling the air once again.