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located in Redbrook, Forest of Dean, England, a part of Wolf Blood, one of the many universes on RPG.

Redbrook, Forest of Dean, England



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Character Portrait: Charmaine Berlioz Character Portrait: Sherrie Faustus Character Portrait: Dalton Reeves Character Portrait: Mitchell Kulin
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A body rustled among piles of soft wool blankets. Long brown tresses fell over a woman's face and shoulders, barely hiding her face from the intruding sunlight. The rock walls glittered where the sunlight stuck the dew from morning. Eyes opened, flashing blue from all of the brown hair. Her lips pursed and a soft groan escaped her lips as she rolled over onto her back. The woman's chest rose and fell gently and finally she eased up into a sitting position, scanning her den.

Although Sherrie happened a wild wolfblood she felt that some human inventions were useful. Let them do the work and reap the benefits. Her hands brushed the fluffy wool on her blankets unconsciously. Also, some of the time spent living with humans had left certain impression on her. Beds were much better than sleeping on the hard forest floor, even if the bed was made of a dozen blankets.

She raised a hand to quickly comb her hair back into something manageable. Once she felt like her messy look was perfected, she raised off the blankets and strode to the pile of clothing in the far corner of her den. The den she had chosen was near the edge of the forest, away from the human town on the other side. Its entrance was somewhat hidden but looked like a open door leading down into the earth. It was big enough for a bear and Sherrie liked it that way because it left room for her tall human form. Plus, the bear had been quick to bolt after a good romp with her. Sherrie picked up some black jogger pants and a black t-shirt with the words 'Be Yourself and Good Things Will Happen' on it. She liked the ironic twist of the shirt. Be yourself, she thought. A wild wolf blood who would teach a human a lesson? Good things always happen. She snorted and finished dressing herself before striding out into the bright sunlight.

Sherrie glanced up at the sun glaring down at her from above the treetops. Her gaze followed the wolf tracks that were her own into the dark den behind her. The fallen trees over the entrance were dead and crumbling day by day. Her nose picked up the scent of a badger that had wandered by kept moving. She continued scanning the den before deciding that her den during her time sleeping had been relatively undisturbed. Sherrie turned to the forest and tipped her head up closing her eyes to listen to the sound of the birds calling to each other nearby. She let Eolas guide her senses through the forest and she could hear the soft yet infrequent footfalls of a couple of nervous rabbits. The fluttering wings of a couple birds. A deer nibbled at the grass below it's hooves as it moved east. Sherrie strained to go further and the heavy panting of a human startled her. It was a girl and Sherrie soon realized that the girl was wolf blood as she howled into the air. Sherrie stopped her Eolas and shook her head, like shaking off the sound. It was a tame wolf blood for sure since Sherrie didn't recognize the pitch or voice behind the howl. "Hey!" A voice yelled to her right just a short distance away. "Wake up. There's other Wolfblood's around." Sherrie recognized the voice as Mitchell and began to jog in his direction.

When she arrived, she peered up at the boy who dangled from the lowest tree branch. Although Mitch was the same age as her, he held the scout rank in the pack. He was a damn good one though. Sherrie smiled in greeting before waving at him. Her gaze roamed over to the other wolf bloods in the clearing before returning to Mitch. She cleared her throat, "I heard it too. It's not one of us. Those tamed wolf bloods are up and about." She spoke mostly to sum up her own thoughts. Her brow furrowed as she wondered what the girl had been up to. The tamed wolf bloods usually were busy attending school and other things. Why was the girl in the forest at this time? Sherrie growled under her breath at the idea of a tamed wolf blood running around stinking up the forest. It was then that Sherrie noticed Charmaine was among the pack. Sherrie looked into the forest thoughtfully wondering if Charmaine was already en route to the intruder. Sherrie's smile turned into a playful grin that wasn't altogether pleasant as she concluded that Charmaine probably was. "Charmaine isn't here." Sherrie commented casually.