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Snippet #2556127

located in Redbrook, Forest of Dean, England, a part of Wolf Blood, one of the many universes on RPG.

Redbrook, Forest of Dean, England



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Character Portrait: Charmaine Berlioz Character Portrait: Sherrie Faustus Character Portrait: Dalton Reeves Character Portrait: Mitchell Kulin Character Portrait: Alesander Character Portrait: Alexander Johnson
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Sherrie looked up when she heard the sound of incoming footsteps. Her gaze alighted on her male counterpart, Alexander. He seemed harried and she knew that he had heard the howl as well. He appeared the dark brooding type but Sherrie wasn't so sure about that. "Where is Charmaine?" he inquired. Sherrie shrugged and shook her head meaning that she had no idea. Charmaine was probably already heading to the scene of the crime where those tame wolf bloods were hanging about.

It wasn't much longer until Dalton strode up to them. Sherrie was careful not to meet his gaze directly in a show of submission but was otherwise friendly, as her smile welcomed him. She liked her Alpha because he was caring and strong-minded. She thought he genuinely cared about that pack and that left him being okay in her books.

"Is everyone alright?" Dalton eyed them then raised a brow and Sherrie nodded in reply. "Where is Charmaine?" Dalton repeated. Sherrie once again shook her head and shrugged to signify that she didn't know anymore than he did. "Well, if there are other wolfbloods around, we need to be careful and stay alert." Dalton said while his gaze pierced her and the other pack mates. Sherrie followed his example and scented the air. Charmaine's scent was faint and fading but the scent of other wolf bloods was strong and nearby. Another scent that had previously eluded her caught her interest. Human blood, and it was nearly fresh. Sherrie focused on the smell, putting it to memory before turning her attention back to Dalton.

"We should really go and find Charmaine." Dalton's voice was soft and it stirred the beta in Sherrie as she heard the command. When he turned to leave, she immediately stepped up on his right a few feet behind him. She left room for Alex to walk beside her.



Sunlight streamed through the treetops on another morning in the Forest of Dean. A man slept crouched and leaning on a tree in a small glade. He wasn't wearing a shirt but had on denim jeans that looked rugged yet tough as they had managed to stay in one piece. His shirt lay under some leaves not far away and it was a plain short sleeved grey shirt. Nothing extraordinary would ever make up Alesander's closet. Long-lashed eyes opened slowly to peer at his surroundings. It had been a rough night running around hunting and frolicking about in the woods.

Alesander, or Danny as most called him since he liked the name and Alex was already taken, was the pack guardian. He often spent most nights running around with his mates or guarding the forest from those tames and disgusting humans. Sometimes if a human came around he'd make a game of spooking them. It was easy. It would run circles around them, breaking twigs and growling occasionally but making sure not to be seen. The humans would become so terrified sometimes they wouldn't even be able to move. A small grin played along his lips as he imagined the face of one man who had boasted to his friends that he wouldn't run. He certainly didn't but his friends had bailed and left him with the big bad monster.

Danny rolled up onto his feet and stretched, letting his muscles warm up. He didn't do anything to his hair which he suspected was messy and he shook the leaves from the wavy strands. He walked over to the grey shirt lying nearby and picked it up before prancing over to where he heard the pack making a ruckus over something a short distance away.

"Hey." He greeted gruffly as he approached. He looked up at Mitch chilling in the tree and then around noticing Charmaine was out and about having fun somewhere. Sherrie peered over at him with a scowl and gave his shirt a pointed glance. Danny grinned and raised his brow teasingly before putting the shirt on. He knew when to take orders and Sherrie didn't put up with his antics often. Even though he was older than her and bigger, she definitely took the cake on being fierce and strong. They had tested who would win in a fight several times and every time he somehow lost.

Danny watched Alex and Dalton approach and gave them a brisk nod of greeting. Dalton addressed them and Danny began to tense as he heard the situation. Was Charmaine okay? He was beginning to doubt that from the stern look on Dalton's face. As the other wolves fell into step as Dalton turned to leave, Danny followed behind them keeping a close watch on the members and of their surroundings. There was blood in the air and he wasn't going to take chances.