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located in Jeildea, a part of Princess of Massacre || Rebellion, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Yuna Ran Character Portrait: Lyon Kazuto Character Portrait: Adrienne M. Adamantis Character Portrait: Vern Baralli Character Portrait: Aglaeca Nero Character Portrait: Lu Fei and Shi Xin
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Lyon was used to watching battles erupt at sidelines. Whenever the Princess got into some sort of trouble, his role to ambush enemies always proved useless due to the powerful allies around the Princess of Murder. Whether they are forced to do so or is willing to for reasons not known to him, Lyon can guarantee that all of them are warriors and fighters on levels beyond even some of the most powerful mercenaries and bandits. While Lyon often lack behind when it comes to raw power or magical destruction, his disarming technique served its purpose and saved the group more so than he could count. This time however, it couldn't be done.

The two Variants, a male and a female named Fei and Xin respectively, was met with the Princess of Massacre. Though Lyon wasn't sure why they were here, it was definitely evident that they were trying to escape somehow. But now that the Princess caught up to them, along with Vern, there is no way they could just run away. Possibly because of the intense thirst for destruction that Lyon can always feel whenever the Princess gets into a battle-ready stance.

It only took minutes before it started. Something uttered by the Princess had triggered a ticking bomb. A change in instincts was apparent from the strange duo as immediately after, a head splitting scream resonated throughout the silent forest. For Lyon, who had slight improved hearing due to the loss of his sight, this high pitched note created a heavier effect on him. Nevertheless, he managed to resist the sound long enough to let it end. No sooner as that had happened, Variant weapons emerged from the forest, surrounding around its masters and pointing the sharp and blunt end of its form at its enemies; Vern and Adrienne. Sparing them no time to prepare at all, the Variants attacked in an instant and Fei simultaneously created a staff from nowhere and lunged towards the Princess, his staff raised high and shining bright.

His allies were able to evade the oncoming speeding projectiles with ease. Fei's attack was of no exception as well, with Adrienne quickly following up with a counterattack. But as it all happened, Lyon quickly realized he wasn't alone. A dark and ominous presence was slowly creeping up behind him. But it wasn't the only one. Two more presences was appearing and a few more near where the battle erupted. At that moment, the three presences behind him jumped at the same time, a murderous intent even stronger than the Princess' evoked.

Lyon rolled to the side, evading the sudden assault just in time. His attention switched to his attackers when he was surprised by their forms. They were coated in a deep black color, claws and teeth poking out of the shadowy mass. The emotionless white eyes among the black shadows turned at its prey and lunged forward again like a mindless beast. Lyon jumped backwards, drawing his blade and unleashing a single wide horizontal swing then sheathing it again, all while he was jumping backwards. The attacks connected as the blade sliced through the mass easily.

But that wasn't the end of it. Immediately after being sliced cleanly by Lyon's weapon, the black mass started regenerating. The upper half of the bodies started reconnecting with the lower half, reconstructing the original body all in mere seconds after his attack. That was when Lyon had remember reading about them in a book somewhere. However, it wasn't the time to try and recall information now as the three demons continued its assault again. One of them jumped towards Lyon, resulting a left sidekick to the face. It flew out towards the dirt path outside of the forest. Another tried directly running into him, only to be violently stabbed with the sheath of his weapon by Lyon. Taking only a split second, the last one moved right behind its ally and when Lyon launched his counterattack, it jumped at him.

Lyon's adrenaline was getting pumped up as the last attack immediately came at him. He had already came up with ways to counter the attack, however he went with the flow instead. He let go of his blade and drew his sheathed blade, jumping slightly to the side as he does so. The last demon jumped into the sheath now stuck onto its kin and was stopped in its path. Lyon then swung his sword vertically to the right, effectively slicing the two demons beside him in one go. But that was't enough. His last attempt at cutting them once proved that they had some sort of insane regenerative powers. The only way for Lyon to defeat the regeneration powers was to unleash never ending strikes until there's nothing for them to regenerate.

Following his last attack, Lyon turned and grabbed hold of his sheath, pulling it out from the demon. He then sheathed his blade to prepare for his attack when another demon, the one he kicked earlier, came back at him again, its claws open like a predator jumping onto a prey. Relying on his reflex muscles, his body moved on its own. He brought his sheathed blade up, stopping his approaching enemy's claw. He then jumped up and kicked the demon once more, towards the direction of where its allies were, already almost fully regenerating.

Figuring it was time to end it, Lyon got into his stance. He remained motionless for a few seconds before releasing a swing faster than the eye could see and sheathing immediately after. In an instant, streams of countless attacks were unleashed, causing tree trunks and grasses in front of his striking distance to be affected blade marks similar to wind blades. The three demons were slowly torn apart by the torrent of strikes and disintegrated in the end, leaving a trace of nothing but Lyon's destruction behind.

Lyon knows he had already caused a commotion, but whether the Variant girl named Xin or the new arrival of Aglaeca and Yuna had noticed th - Too late. The demonic beings that attacked him had already started their assault on the group in front too, as Xin and Fei broke up to fight against these things. Around him, he can feel the numerous same dark instincts floating and surfacing. He need to move ahead and join with the others. He won't be able to take them all down by himself no matter how powerful he could be. And if anything, he need to find Adrienne. She seems to be lost somewhere, possible fighting against the demons. He can however, still her presence. "I'll let someone else get her. For now, we need to stay together." They were multiplying as he speak. There was no time. Lyon dashes to Vern, aware that already some of the demons caught up to where they were.