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located in Trinity, a part of The Tale of Three Worlds- Before the Storm, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Dravon Morsano Character Portrait: Keyra Character Portrait: Elruin Halfin Character Portrait: Sevral Character Portrait: Enuren
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A sigh of relief spread through the Val's body as she was approached by Dravon. He moved and reached out to her. Keyra took one breath and calmed her raging nerves. She didn't like the feel of the place they were in, nor the fact she was without a weapon. Not that she couldn't fight without it, she certainly would, but it was more effective to have her large blade in hand when intimidating someone. Without it, it had been proven to her in the past that she was rather small in size and that made it seem like she was an easy target. Of course, many would vouch for the fact that despite her small size, she was quite the force to be reckoned with should anyone try anything.

Dravon's arm around her helped to steady her on her feet and she welcomed it. Both wings dropped behind her, trailing along the floor as she was far too weak to keep them upright. They twitched every so often. A dull numbness was beginning to spread through the white limbs. Keyra groaned slightly as she rested against Dravon's larger frame while she listened to him answer her questions. All the while, her eyes kept flicking about them, narrowing at those that they passed. Keyra just couldn't shake the feeling in her chest. I don't like this place... I wish to be rid of it! she thought sourly.

"Everything is okay, our weapons are stored together and Sevral is still asleep.. we were out for over six days." Dravon was saying.

Keyra glanced up to him and frowned. She wasn't about to argue about the part of 'everything being okay', but she wasn't about to agree with it either. However, as he came to the part of them all being unconscious for over six days, her heart skipped a beat and both golden eyes grew wide in shock, "Six days..." she muttered in response, astonishment in her voice. Whatever had attacked them surely was power, but to be unconscious for six days!? That surely wasn't an effect of the thing they'd fought, was it?

"When we see this canoness, hopefully she can shed some light on our arrival here and return our belongings."

Keyra's eyes grew hard as they narrowed and she looked around them again as they walked down the hall. The Val hadn't the slightest clue as to what a 'canoness' was, but she figured who ever it was, was surely someone in power at the place they found themselves at. Grinding her teeth slightly, the fingers of her hand that wasn't around Dravon's waist tightened into a fist, "Forgive me, but I insist on having my weapon. I feel... Trapped here," she muttered slightly, her wings twitching in agitation then, "Six days... I don't like the sound of that, Dravon. We may have been injured by that thing we fought, but surely not so bad to have been rendered unconscious for six days. I don't like this at all," she ground the words out, her tone slightly growling as she walked with him. Her golden gaze flicked up to look over at Dravon near the end of her speech.

"If at all possible, we should recover our weapons, retrieve Sevral and leave."

Because staying is making me feel too vulnerable...