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Azrael stared down at Alvina with cool eyes, something a bit unusual given the situation. He took note of her actions but for now he would have to focus on current matters. A slight curve at the corners of his lips gave the idea that he was amused by his courts attempts at flustering one another. The demon remembered such a time where he was like that with the previous Princes but that was then and this is now. Shifting in his throne Azrael watched the sky through the large open windows of the room. It looked like the time was changing again but he hoped it would not be so, there were many things he needed to get done.

You would do well to remember who you are speaking to! I am the Princess of Air! The only traitors here are you pair! Satan clearly does not realize.” At this Azrael’s eyes snapped towards Bavol’s position, fury flashed in those red orbs and it seemed for a moment he was about to snap finally. Even if he did not say it, Satan was waiting for the foolish demon to continue and surprisingly enough she did. "What a pity. The high and mighty are truly falling."

What was truly surprising was Azrael’s reaction to it. Without any form of warning a deep laugh erupted from deep within Satan’s core. The Princess’s choice in words reminded him of his lover, Is it true, will I fall to as you did? The laugh was short-lived as he bared his teeth in what was a very strange smile. The Princess must have grown from her time in the Human Realm, however short it was. For a fleeting moment Azrael felt pity towards the girl but it was squashed upon recognizing it. Hearing the sarcasm drip from Vincents voice as he continued to tease and prod the Princess of Air, his eyes lost the fury from earlier and was replaced by something unfamiliar to those who stood before him.

"Is there anything else I can assist you with sir? I am sure we will able to effectively wipe out those that oppose your just rule..".

Regarding the Prince for a brief moment the strange smile was now absent as he returned to business. Taking in a deep breath, Azrael folded his hands in front of him. The Princes act gave Satan a feeling of doubt. He may be old but he’s had his fair share of demons attempting to over throw him, and it’d be in his best interest to gain help from someone he truly trusts. "I better hope so boy, need I say your behavior is truly like that of a child?” His own voice dripped with that same sarcasm Vincent had earlier. It was a subtle push to see if the Prince would retaliate as the Princess did. “There is nothing left for you to do at the moment Vincent. I suggest you get going on your mission.”