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It had been such a long time since she had last had a newcomer join her exquisite home. Giggling to herself Thea threw the piece of paper that had informed her of the traitor. It honestly did not surprise her that Satan was informed of there being a traitor in his courts. From her view the young demon, by her standards, was getting a little soft. “OH! But I’m so happy! I get a new playmate.” squealing with joy, any other demon would find Thea’s behavior odd considering she wasn’t even a demon or human. The small woman was the prison itself, just in a form that allowed for her to connect with her prisoners better.

Prancing about Thea waved her hand towards the few demons she came across. She knew the traitor would be arriving shortly. It helped being connected with her domain in this compact body of hers. Although Thea could easily have taken the easy way to the upper levels by going back inside the walls and transferring her body to where it needed to be but it was fun walking around. After maybe an hour passed she finally reached the upper levels however by then the deity was already tired, not it was possible but she liked to think she could, and simply transferred her body the rest of the way. At that point the royal guard had been waiting for a while. Flopping down on the ground in front of them as soon as she phased through the door, Thea looked up at them. As usual the guards stood still as ever, stoic expressions the norm of their particular group.

Neon pink orbs jumped from on demon to the next, taking in as much information as they could until they landed on a particular demon in the center. Eyes widening in apparent glee, a smile crept onto her lips and Thea immediately jumped up. With speed that even the guards couldn’t beat, Thea stood before the prisoner. Curiosity glittered in those pink orbs as they stared up at Yeuri mouth slightly open in awe. Having stared at him for a good solid minute, drool had begun to slip past her lips and dribble down her chin. Realizing this Thea quickly wiped it away and circled Yeuri as if she were inspecting a piece of meat. Suddenly she stood in front of the guards, making one flinch in surprise. Bringing a hand up as if she had an urgent question Thea finally spoke to the group. “Okidokie’s then! Now that that’s done with, can I take him now?”

Thea stepped close to a guard, folding her hands again as if she were about to say a prayer and with puppy eyes begged, “Please. Can I take him now? I haven’t had a traitor in such a long time. They’re the funniest people ever.” The guard leaned away from her considering how close she was but he did answer. “Yes we’ll leave him in your hands then.” Stepping away from Yeuri in unison, the guards left the prison. Following them for a short while, Thea stopped and then turned around to face Yeuri, a wide grin on her face. “So shall I give you the tour of my home?” Without waiting for an answer from the demon, Thea started to walk at a rather quick pace in a seemingly random direction.

It took them quite a while to finish the tour and they barely scratched the surface with what she was able to show him. Throughout the entire walk Thea pranced around, greeted other prisoners and bombarded Yeuri with an assortment of questions. Most of which pertained to his status as a traitor. Of course being nothing more than the prison in a human body, Thea was oblivious to any actions Yeuri took to silence her, if he took any at all.

The two walked the halls until they came across a huge lump of body mass blocking their way. Upon closer inspection it became clear that what was blocking their way was an incredibly large lesser demon. Frowning a bit, Thea titled her head as she thought about how to proceed. Brightening up the small woman rushed forwards and kicked the lesser demon. Giggling a bit Thea stepped back and waited patiently for the lesser demon to turn around, which it did. Focusing its multiple eyes on Thea it looked at her with annoyance. “Move please.” It continued to stare at her until finally Thea kicked it again but this time in the eyes. Growling at the sudden attack it bite Thea’s leg clean off. Surprisingly enough the woman did nothing, she simply hopped backwards on one foot.

“You naughty thing, you should know better than to bite me.” Teasing the creature with her cheery tone, Thea then phased into the ground and suddenly the walls and floor began to move. Rippling like water a mass of stone erupted from the walls and floor, eating up the lesser demon like it was nothing. As the stone settled back into place Thea popped out of the ground where the lesser demon had just been, with all limbs accounted for. Dusting herself off Thea beckoned for Yeuri to follow her down the hall until they stopped in front of a door that was open wide.

Stepping into the room Thea did a 360 and smiled at Yeuri. “Well this is your new home now. If you’re being killed just scream.” Whether her words rang true or were meant as a joke, they certainly didn’t accomplish the latter. With that being said Thea left Yeuri to his own devices.

Short time later

This time Thea was escorting a demon of high standing. All smiles, Thea practically bounced off the walls as she led the Princess of Air to her subordinate’s cell. Just like she did with Yeuri, the overseer pestered the Princess with countless questions. Unlike before it didn’t take them long to get to Yeuri’s cell since she didn’t give Bavol the tour although she really wanted to. The pair now stood in front of the door and Thea opened it for the woman. "Hope you guys have fun talking to each other." Waving at Yeuri before Bavol closed the door, Thea pouted a bit but then a mischievous smile took its place. Just like Bavol thought, Thea wanted to keep an eye on their conversation. It wasn't because of Satan, she could careless really on what he wanted, but her own need to satiate her curiosity.