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After his attempts at getting drunk failed due to a lack of money and then spotting Killens, Nick took it as a sign that he should just give up, so he returned to the warehouse. He arrived a few minutes after Robbie had left to go to the pawn shop, so he was alone, which was probably for the best. Although most of his anger had subsided, he still wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone. He didn't want to explain to Holly why his lip was swollen or hear Cara talk about how he and Roman could just work out their differences. The only person that he wanted to see was Brooklyn, but she was at work and Nick knew that she wouldn't be back for hours.

Although he had earlier decided that he would prefer to drink than smoke, drinking was no longer an option. No one was there to complain about the smell of the weed so he could have remained on his bed and smoked, but it had become a habit of his to go to the roof when he needed to smoke. He had forced Braden to do it multiple times in response to Brooklyn's complaints about how horrible the warehouse smelled, so he felt hypocritical to do it himself, even if no one was there to see it.

He had received a new supply earlier that day and had set aside a small bag of the strongest weed he had for himself. Nick hadn't intended on smoking it this soon but he doubted that any day in the near future could prove to be as stressful as this evening had been, so he didn't waste a minute in rolling it into a joint. He didn't want to think about Killens and the weed pretty much forced him to clear his mind. In fact, only a few minutes after he had burned the last bits of it, he was feeling restful enough to return downstairs and fall asleep.