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Snippet #2557469

located in Redbrook, Forest of Dean, England, a part of Wolf Blood, one of the many universes on RPG.

Redbrook, Forest of Dean, England



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Character Portrait: Alex Morgan Character Portrait: Charmaine Berlioz Character Portrait: Isabella Heathering Character Portrait: Sherrie Faustus Character Portrait: Dalton Reeves Character Portrait: Mitchell Kulin Character Portrait: Seung Doe Character Portrait: Alesander Character Portrait: Alexander Johnson
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"No one touch any of the Solar members. Got it?" He told them then asked them if they understood with a raised brow. "If it's a fight they want, a fight they shall get but otherwise, don't touch." Dalton turned around and continued walking. Sherrie furrowed in brow beginning to wonder exactly what Dalton spoke next, "Even if they are treading on our territory." She nodded grimly.

Sherrie caught the faint scent of her pack member as Dalton neared the Solar pack. Blood stifled the air and she glanced at the mangled body on the ground. It was a sad sight but death was a part of nature and wolves understood that clearly. Sherrie was no different but some annoying humanly part of her protested. "Charmaine, over here, now." Dalton commanded making Sherrie's gaze snap back to the Solar pack with renewed malice. Charmaine climbed down from the tree in a huff and Sherrie would have snickered if not for the situation ahead of them.

"Why are you guys in our forest? What is the meaning of this?" Dalton was referring to the body of the human right in front of him. Sherrie's eyes shifted color and she bristled unhappily. She wanted the Solar pack to get a clear message. They were treading on Lunar territory regardless of their twinkle toe ideals.

"Your territory? I believe you may be closer to Redbrook than you think." The female Alpha raised one eyebrow. Sherrie growled under her breath and returned the female's glare. How dare they believe that the forest was theirs! The forest had always belonged to Lunar pack. Sherrie tensed, hands clenching as she prepared herself. Solar pack was treading in dangerous waters. They had been found with a dead body and their scent was all over the clearing even though fresh and now they were throwing accusatory looks and trying to claim territory that wasn't theirs. They were asking for it. Sherrie reined in the wolf, barely, and glanced at Dalton wondering what he thought.

" Wait wait, before we start asking questions can I ask one? " Sherrie reluctantly let her gaze move to the other female. She seemed like a Guardian and a pitiful one at that. Plus, she was covered in blood and that rang alert bells in Sherries mind. However, her question was an important one. Sherrie remained silent, and took that moment to allow herself to take a more composed form. If the Solar pack was actually going to help then perhaps they deserved leniency even though one of them actually looked like the murderer. Like a child who had been doing indecent things and needed guidance from their parents. Sherrie raised her brows in interest," Is… it possible that there is more than one body out here…" The solar pack female face wore a worried expression now, and Sherrie wondered what led her to that conclusion. However she kept her mouth shut, she was a beta, meant to follow her Alpha first and whatever Dalton decided she would listen. Did he believe the Solar pack?



Alesander followed his Alpha's orders as he trailed behind sniffing the air and staying cautious. His shoulders felt stiff as tension ran through him. When they neared the Solar pack the smell of blood drew his attention like a predator to harvest. He edged out from behind the rest of his pack and eyed the mess. The person had been ripped apart by something with enough strength not to do it cleanly. Had it been another wolf blood? Alesander questioned. A dark look came over his expression as he approached the mess carefully without stepping on any bit and parts and crouched down next to the remains.

The gore didn't bother him. He had been privy to more bloody scenes than he could remember and some of them were his fault. He sniffed and examined the tears in the flesh curiously before glancing back to his Alpha and then to the Solar pack. His eyes landed on one female who was covered in blood that smelled suspiciously like the kind spilt around the clearing. She was also kind of dirty. He scowled and stood up before backing away from the body to take a stand near Mitch who seemed to be trying to make sense of the mess as well.

"You think they lost it with the humans?" Mitch murmured quietly. Alesander stiffened and glanced at the young wolf. It was an amusing question but Alesander couldn't manage to find it in himself to laugh. His anger was rising steadily and he stared at the Solar pack alpha's maliciously. Eventually he glanced down and noticed that his veins were beginning to blacken. He growled, "This is our territory and you guys are suspicious as hell." His voice was gravelly as his control wavered. He took a deep breath and turned away from the scene and paced over to a tree that had blood splattered on it. He stared at the blood and seethed. Someday. Someday he was going to teach those tame pansy freaks a lesson. Today, however, was not the day and Dalton probably needed him to remain in control.