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Snippet #2557735

located in Redbrook, Forest of Dean, England, a part of Wolf Blood, one of the many universes on RPG.

Redbrook, Forest of Dean, England



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Alexander ears twitched when he heard Mitch mumble some words. His head turned to face him with a scowled look as he turned back around, shaking his head. "Kids." He muttered himself as he stood by Dalton, showing great pride to be the first Beta. Alex then saw Charmaine as she jumped to the ground then laughed at Mitch's comment. Alex eyes flashed gold as he turned to face them, growling lowly towards them to shut them up. With a slight smirk spreading among his lips, he did nothing more but turn back around and looked at the Solars Alpha, who was surprisingly a female. It made him smile to see a woman taking charge but then he cleared his throat then went back to giving the Solars his death stare.

His eyes watched as the Alpha's eyes flashed gold but they disappeared quickly and so did his claws, which he was ready to use if a fair was fixing to take place. The Solars Alpha didn't really say much other than the fact that they were closer to the town of Redbrook. Alex scoffed then rolled his eyes while locking eyes with the Alpha once again, folding his arms over his muscular chest.

Alex knew that it wasn't his place to speak out of turn on matters such as this, so he decided to keep quiet and let Dalton handle this matter on his own. But his attention was quickly fixed towards Danny, who was losing it. Alexander quickly ran over to his side and cuffed his face into his hands. "Look at me! Look at me!" Alex's voice soon calmed down as his voice would echo throughout Danny's mind. "Calm down." It was a technique he learned from Dalton. It was a sort of like a mind control trick as he waited to see if the trick had worked or not.


Dalton chuckled lightly then smirked at the pathetic looking Alpha of the Solar pack. His hands were still tucked into his jean pockets as he saw Charmaine crossing over to their side then laughing out loud at a comment made by Mitch. Dalton had important matters to handle at this moment then some childish antics. But he did flash them a glare then turned back towards the Solar Alpha.

His eyes flashed gold just like the Alpha standing in front of him but then disappeared along with hers. "I understand where we are. The stench of your town is tickling at my nose. It makes me want to puke." Dalton jokingly gagged then stared at the Solar pack as he removed his hands from his jean pockets.

Dalton looked at the golden eyes of the Solar Alpha as his flashed a darker shade of gold then hers. He was seething and wanted to rip everyone in the Solar limb from limb but he knew that was what she wanted a fight. His attention went towards Danny as he was about to lose control of himself. Good thing his Beta had everything under control so he could redirect his attention back towards them filthy vermin before him.

"You guys just going to stand there or do we have to remove you from our forest?!" He questioned towards the Solar pack and growled lowly but harshly as he waited for someone to make a move.