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Nick was the first one asleep the past night and he managed to sleep late that morning too. The stress of everything that had happened the day before must have worn him out because he woke up around ten and found Brooklyn resting peacefully next to him. He usually got up early on weekdays to meet some of the local prep school students on their way to school to see if they needed any drugs but he didn't mind missing a few sales today. He had a few small deliveries and then a big drop to make at an apartment complex downtown and that would bring in enough to compensate for the morning deliveries he skipped.

Because Brooklyn usually got back from work so late, Nick decided not to wake her when he finally pulled himself from the mattress. He grabbed a change of clothes and a small bag of weed, threw them into a backpack, and left the quiet warehouse. He walked a few blocks to an apartment building that one of her clients lived in and ten minutes and a bag of weed later, he returned to the streets now freshly showered. His next destination was a bagel shop down the street.

Normally, he would have checked to see if anyone wanted to get some breakfast but besides Brooklyn, he wasn't in the mood for company. He was definitely in better spirits than he was yesterday but oddly, he felt guilty for what had happened with Killens the day before. There wasn't a single part of him that felt like he had done anything wrong and he still blamed Killens for everything that went down, but he didn't think the animosity was fair for the others to have to deal with. They all lived in the warehouse together so even if a problem was only between two people, it affected everyone in some way or another. Nick wanted to believe that throwing Killens out for good would be the easy answer to their problem but regardless of how much anger he still felt towards him, he knew that one fight wasn't going to be enough to sever such a strong relationship.

After eating, he returned to the warehouse to find that Brooklyn was still sleeping, and although he wanted to hang out with her, he knew better than to wake her. He doubted that she would treat even him any better than she did to Holly when the younger girl woke her up, so he filled his backpack with today's deliveries and left. He normally would have sent Hailey out to bring them to his clients but he was making his weekly stop at the apartment building that he had lived in when he first started dealing and he preferred to go there himself.

Many of the residents who lived in the area when he had were still living there, so Nick made a few stops at surrounding buildings before eventually reaching the one he lived in. He was there to see Antonio who greeted him in the doorway. There exchange was quick: Nick handed him the zip and in return pocketed three hundred dollars. Antonio was clearly already high on something and didn't mention the girl he had told to come by today but he didn't have to because as soon as Nick stepped back outside, she approached him.

Before she even introduced herself as being Miguel's sister, Nick recognized her. She had a unique look to her, even when she was just a kid, and it only took a few seconds for him to match her with the younger version that he had met on various occasions. Miguel and Oscar spoke of their sister frequently but Nick never would have imagined that he would ever stumble upon her again, years after the boys died. Seeing her in person was surprising, to say the least, and although he knew that she wasn't related to the boys biologically, just seeing her face reminded him of them.

"Yeah, yeah," Nick said, a sincere smile appearing on his face after the girl finished talking. Her brothers had been the first people to take Nick in as real family after his grandparents died and he felt like her showing up right after he and Roman had a blowup had to be some sort of sign. He wasn't sure what, but it must be a good thing. Miguel and Oscar had looked out for him and now it was his turn to do whatever he could for their sister. "We had a place in here," he said, pointing back towards the apartment building. As much as he wanted to stay and chat, maybe even show her around, he knew better than to linger in an area where he had just made a deal. "Want to go grab a bite to eat?" he asked, then noticing the large trash bag that she was hauling next to her. "Here, I'll take that," he said, tossing it over his shoulder before heading down the street. "Why are you over here anyway? I thought your parents lived in Queens."