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Season of Giving 2020

At the end of perhaps our craziest year yet, we choose to celebrate our writing family with that extra touch of gratitude. Tip your fellow authors for a chance to win 10,000 INK, with leaderboards updated daily.

Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅

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located in The Safe Haven, a part of In The Safe Haven, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Safe Haven

Welcome to The Safe Haven!


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Aaron Johnson


It was really hard for Aaron to be waking up in yet another foster home.

Aaron sat up in his bed, with his back pushing up against the array of pillows behind him, as he reached over to the nightstand and grabbed his journal and a pen. It was something new that he was trying. Maybe if he wrote down his thoughts, his mind wouldn't be so cluttered up and cause himself to be even more depressed than he already was. Aaron eyes went towards the clock and it had just turned seven o'clock in the morning. He hasn't had a good night sleep since coming to the house and probably won't be able to until he was really comfortable - Despite being there for nearly two weeks now.

After writing in his journal, he slipped from his bed and walked over to his mirror, examining his so called amazing physique. He flexed his muscles and did a couple of bam's and pow's while smiling afterwards. If someone was to walk in on him, they would probably be surprised that he only had his boxer briefs, which were tight fitted. Aaron never slept fully clothed but he had his own room so it didn't matter anyway. Aaron had figured that he was the only one up so really without caring, he left out of his room and walked down the stairs, going towards the kitchen. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw a piece of paper on the counter and went over to read it. It was, of course, Ismay's sloppy handwriting and he tried to make out what it was saying. The only thing he really understood was Simon and Skylar, must be two new people of the house, and that she took the car.

Aaron shrugged his shoulders and threw the piece of paper back down on the counter then went over to the fridge, grabbing himself a bottle of Orange Juice. After leaving the kitchen and going back into his room, sitting on the edge of his bed, he took a sip of his Orange Juice then wondered how these new kids were going to act when they first got here. A sly smirk played across his lips as he was already thinking of practical jokes and harsh, sarcastic words to abuse them with. After chuckling to himself, Aaron lifted himself from his seated position and walked to his closet, putting on a gray t-shirt that read "Sarcasm Is A Body's Natural Defense Against Stupid" and he also placed on a pair of blue jeans along with white sneakers with black stripes going across the sides.

After changing into his clothes, he walked back out of his room after finishing off his bottle of Orange Juice and walked back down the stairs and went back into the kitchen. Another smirk tugged at the corner of his lips as he grabbed a pen then the note and scratched out Simon and Skylar's name then replaced their names with Dumb and Dumber and placed the note on the fridge, using a magnet. He chuckled with head nod then walked out the back door and down a small hill, which lead to the garden and the greenhouse. Aaron checked on the garden plants that he had been growing every since he came here and made sure that they were healthy and still sprouting, which they were.

Aaron then walked into the greenhouse and flipped the switch, which turned on the only three lights in there. He grabbed his lab coat and goggles then a small clipboard, which he keeps his analyzed work written on. After writing down some more of the work in progress, he grabbed a pair of rubber gloves then a small plant trimmer and started plucking some of the thorns away from a plant then moved on the next. He then proceeded to water some of the newer plants in the greenhouse then sat them where they would get excellent sunlight in order to grow healthy and happy.

After spending some time outside, he placed his lab coat and goggles back on their appropriate hooks then turned off the dim lights and walked back through the garden. He took the small trek back up the small hill and walked back into the kitchen then into the living room, where he sat down on the couch and waited for either someone to wake up and join him or for Ismay to bring the new people, Simon and Skylar to the house. A soft sigh escaped through his lips as he leaned back on the couch, thinking about how today was going to go and what not.