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located in The Safe Haven, a part of In The Safe Haven, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Safe Haven

Welcome to The Safe Haven!


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XXβ€œFrom childhood's hour I have not been.
XXAs others were, I have not seen. As others saw,
XXI could not awaken.
XXMy heart to joy at the same tone.
XXAnd all I loved, I loved alone.”
XX― Edgar Allan Poe

XXiPod Playlist : ImageBabylonImage
XXClothing : Pajamas


Waking up to Britney Spears was rather peculiar to the blonde girl. Especially Toxic - a song that she wasn't even aware she had on her iPod. Secretly, she didn't mind the notorious old school pop star, but she wasn't in the mood for such things. With heavy lidded eyes she searched the cold wooden floor for the blasting music. Her fingers finally touched the thing and turned the volume off. Normally, she wasn't up this early. If she could - she'd sleep till noon. She wondered to herself how the hell her iPod turned on. She must have accidentally turned on the alarm. The mirror behind her revealed her messy hair and tired eyes. By the door of her room, were her slippers. Then with enough concentration, they were now longer by the door, but next to her bed.

Being at Haven she had a safe environment to practice these things. To be a "freak" with other people. Freak was a word that constantly circulated in her head. She knew she wasn't normal - god was she far from normalcy - but here, she was as normal as she could be. She was with people like her. And that reassured her, and kept her from running away, once again. It wasn't a bad place in all honestly. Four months ago - going into the situation, she expected hell. This was far from it. She had her own room in a beautiful house, with people that weren't total assholes. Life was good.

She'd been there longer than some, and every time a new person entered the house - she wondered how many people had powers out in the world, and how many were hiding from the world. How many people were like her? The world was truly full of mysteries. She wouldn't be surprised if she learned unicorns and vampires were real. Though if those were real, she would be disappointed she wasn't born a fairy. Ah well.

Lazily she sat up in bed, the large white comforter pooling at the end of the soft mattress. Slipping on the slippers, she walked out of her room to the kitchen still in her pajamas. Aliya loved the house. The history, the stone, all of it was amazing. Cooking was a passion, so in the kitchen she spent a lot of her time. The fridge and pantry was fully stocked from a large grocery run, so she took the opportunity before someone came and ate all of it. An egg sandwich sounded the best to the girl, so, she began her culinary adventure.

Pulling things out of the fridge, she noticed a messy note, informing them of some event. Honestly - she couldn't read it. All she could tell was something was crossed out with "dumb" and "dumber". Shaking her head she proceeded with her task. She didn't know whether or not to take the note down. She thought about it while whisking eggs - but decided against it. The nice part of being a telekinetic, was that she could multitask. That would be too easy however. Whenever she cooked, she liked doing it all manually. It made her feel like an average person.

Sausage patties cooked in the pan with her eyes, biscuits were warmed in the toaster, made slightly crispy. The smell of the food alone made her even hungrier. Never was she so glad that she could cook decently. Minutes passed till her food was done, and she grabbed a plate from the cupboard to place her food on. She placed her pan in the sink to wash afterwards, and went to the living room with her plate. On the couch she saw one of the newer people sitting, and she sat on the opposite side, plate in her lap.
"Morning" she said before taking a bite of her sandwich.

Her eyes went up to look at the wooden pillars in the ceiling.
"How're you liking it here so far?" Aliya asked, trying to make some conversation to fill the silence of the house.