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Alvina Erinyes

Turning her gaze downwards, Alvina bowed her head deeply to Vincent's request to no longer agitate the Princess as he so put it. It seemed he was going to take that duty from her, His tone was completely different, but it was clear that the intentions were the same, then again that was how Vincent normally was. Her responses was imminent but the dear princess interrupted her, the almost predictable reply to the prince, but suddenly her gaze was upon Alvina. "You would do well to remember who you are speaking to! I am the Princess of Air!..." Alvina stared straight at the Bavol muttering to herself "Indeed Princess"

Alvina's attention waned, it was so far being rather predictable and uninteresting. She expected Bavol's dig towards Satan, though she soon turned chill. Her breath caught in her throat, Satan's laugh had unnerved her. The feeling soon passed , and Alvina had found her hand had strayed where she would normally keep her cross bow. Letting out a deep breath She turned and bowed to Vincent and then briefly towards Satan. " Seeing as i am no longer needed here, i will go prepare for our departure" her words were swift as she turned and with the same practised silent movements she slipped out of throne room.

As soon as she left the throne room she noticed someone on her peripheral vision, turning she feigned to walk towards the doors that would lead towards Chiyuki's domain, before swiftly turning round confronting the man who followed her " When i requested your Services did you really think the best place to meet would be in purgatory?" It was one who she worked closely with before, an information broker, with a large network of ears and eyes, always willing to accept jobs as well. " The information you seek will take time to gather" he said in a hushed voice

" But this is confirmation of the contract, correct?" The broker simply nodded " Good, you will receive payment soon, though i want personal delivery, i will arrange that when the time comes though.... now leave" her voice was stern, and luckily for her the broker slipped off swiftly, there was no way she could be allowed to be spotted within purgatory with any of her contacts, or otherwise she would have to come up with a very good cover story. She was a thief, a killer but she was not a story teller.