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Vincent Price

A cheshire-like smile appeared on Vincent's face for a few moments as he observed the Princess of Air flounce off in a huff..of well hot air so to speak. The irony of the situation made that same smile return a few seconds later as he let out a small breath in order to compose himself. That smile was lost as Satan's laugh etched its way into his body, cold and if the joke was on him. Unwillingly, Vincent's hands tensed for a moment as the tension in the air slowly faded away..the source all from the devil on the throne. Withdrawing a cloth from his pocket, Vincent idly cleaned the lens of his glasses as he heard the orders from Satan of his own personal mission, slipping them onto his composed face, he gave a low bow towards his ruler before stating "Right away sir. I do so regret having to of ruined your day with the news of the traitor. I do hope my next report will be one to your satisfaction..". His footsteps followed the ones left behind his servant who was attempting to be inconspicuous through loitering just outside the throne room.

The briefest flash of a retreating cloak signaled that his associate had been in conference with someone. A rush of anger flooded Vincent at his associate's rookie mistake..even a child knew not to try and steal a treat right as the mother was nearby..distracted. With an irritated sigh, Vincent fixed his impeccably straight black tie as he strolled by the 'shrouded' thief before turning an icy glare at the female demon with a hiss " Have you really gotten so bold as to conduct your business in the open under the nose of Him..I must have forgotten your talents. Was it not true that you once knew how to be inconspicuous. I truly do not think you need..rats trailing after you in broad daylight like some lost puppy..". As graceful of a chess piece Alvina was, she should have known better to retreat from the white King. With a wave of his hand, gesturing for the woman to follow him, Vincent retreated back into his personal abode..or the shambles of what remained, given the state of the entrance. Skittish servants flinched away as Vincent's gaze fell upon the bits and pieces of his glorious door. A painfully nice smile etched on his lips "Clean this up now..anyone who disturbs me will be doing guard duty for the next century..". Cold and precise was his order, as a few select servants squeaked a response and returned to their cleaning..wary of the woman trailing after their Master.

Finally reaching the welcoming views of his Library, Vincent eased himself into the leach chair behind his desk, propping shined black shoes on the desk, lazily gesturing for Alvina to take a seat on the sofa in front of him. Cerberus, merely opened a single eyelid at the visitor before huffing and falling asleep. Meanwhile Vincent was shifting around in a drawer withdrawing something from, before rapidly throwing it at the woman. Silver knives flashed through the air..a trio of them headed for the pretty face. One missed and lodged itself firmly in the shelf behind it..the others, well that was up to the talents of his mysterious thief. A faint grin appeared on Vincent's face he awaited to see if she was still up to the challenge of surviving. After all what use would he have of a pawn if it was dead and buried..regardless of how pretty the body would be.