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located in The Kingdom of Valexia, a part of Ter'Ciel Saga: The War of Akyel, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Kingdom of Valexia

The sights and sounds of bustling Valexia are enough to overload one's senses.


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Character Portrait: Mariette Renard Character Portrait: Ilana Valencia Character Portrait: Locke Taurin
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Ilana Valencia

The Paladin slowed her breathing when the chase came to an end, and she was surprised to see Locke awaiting them with Mariette's satchel. She allowed the exchange to take place, not interrupting any of the words between the girl and the thief, but she studied Locke closely with slightly narrowed eyes the whole time.

Her horse came up behind them at a trot, Ilana taking hold of her with a gloved hand and gently patting her to make sure she was calm. When Mariette asked to be escorted to an inn, she thought for a moment, glancing between her two companions.

"I can... but you're coming with us." She was looking at Locke. "I'd prefer if you stay somewhere I can see you. At least for the moment." It was pretty clear she wouldn't be giving him a choice in the matter. Whatever was in Mariette's bag, he'd clearly had a chance to see inside, and if it was dangerous, that made him a threat, at least to Mariette, and possible to more. In this case... it seemed better to keep an eye on him than risk what he would do if she were to let him go.

"Come on," she said, heading out slowly at first, "I know a place not far from the docks. One that's typically devoid of barfights." Ilana led the way, checking back behind her regularly to make sure her two charges were following. Mariette seemed a bit taken in by Locke's apparent generosity, but Ilana was not going to be won over so easily. She'd heard what he'd planned to do earlier, and obviously if he still intended that, his plans would need to change with Ilana around, lending her protection to Mariette. She would have voiced her concerns to the girl, but it didn't seem appropriate with Locke standing right there.

The inn she led them to was, as she said, not far from the docks, and not in quite so densely packed a part of town as the rest. It was a two story, fairly wide building, with its own stables, where she left her horse in the hands of the stableboy. She led them inside, stopping before the counter with her two charges behind her.

The innkeeper seemed to recognize her. "It's... Ilana, isn't it, my lady? It has been some time. Welcome back to the city."

"Thank you, Bertran. It has. I will be needing a room large enough for the three of us for one night, please." She pulled a small pouch of coins from her belt, tipping several into her hand and setting them on the table.

"Of course, my lady. I always welcome having a Paladin in my establishment. A discount is in order, I think." He took only half the coins she offered him, sliding back the rest. Having learned by now not to try and refuse people's kindness, Ilana took the coins back with a smile and her thanks.

The innkeeper led them upstairs to their room, promptly leaving them to their privacy. It was a sizable space, with beds for all three of them, a window overlooking the waterfront of the city. The ships had left by now, and the bustle of the streets having passed peak activity.

Setting her bags down at the base of the bed she chose, Ilana took a seat, thankful for a chance to get off her feet for a bit. And there were still a few things that needed clearing up.

"Before that unfortunate occurrence in the alley, I believe you were about to tell me what is in that bag. And I believe our friend Locke here already knows, so perhaps it's best to just get everything out in the open. This is a safe place." As safe as somewhere in Valexia could be, at least. She would have taken them to the monastery, but that was at least an hour's walk out of the city, and she wasn't too keen on bringing a thief there.