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located in The village of Kiken, a part of The Tale of Six Heroes, one of the many universes on RPG.

The village of Kiken



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It was the middle of summer and to top it off one of the hottest days of the year. The village of Kiken sat on the edge of the four great kingdoms and rested in a valley surrounded by grasslands and woods. Around that sat large hills perfect for hiding. A large River ran through the center of the village two large bridges connecting the two sides one on the north and one on the south. Over the past few months the village had been plagued by Bandits and even a rumored cultist in the area. Soldiers from all over pour into the fairly large village. All looking for mercenary work.

Our story starts in the Bonfire Inn a large three story Inn with a pub on the first floor. There was chattering of all types of people inside the inn but one man stayed in the corner half asleep in the corner he had just gotten in a few days ago and blew his money in a card game. "Here you go friend ... shouldn't put everything in a bluff." a mug of Ale was placed in-front of the man. "So whats your name friend." Both men had fire red hair sign of the Empire Ignis both seemed to be solders.

The broke man raised his head showing he had an eyepatch over one eye. "The name is Alex...Alex Frost." he said with a grin before drinking the contents of the mug.

"Nice to meet you Alex I'm Regulus Leonard."

Alex almost chocked on the ale at the name of the other man. After cough a few times he spoke with almost a stutter "A-as in the y-youngest General of Ignis EVER? Who went AWOL just a few months back." He was just a bit to busy staring not realizing the rest of the people in the pub have gone silent and were now looking in their direction. Due to Alex's awe-struck state he had entirely forgot about the bounty on the young generals head, then it clicked as he glanced around the room. "Uh-oh"

The general looked behind him and sighed before giving a glare that sent almost everyone in the inn back to what they were doing "That's what I thought. Well now Alex what brings another of the fine upstanding Ignis army here to Kiken?" He sat across the from Alex and the bartender immediately brought over a glass and bottle of wine. "Thank you." he nodded to the barkeep before partaking of the wine in front of him.