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located in The Safe Haven, a part of In The Safe Haven, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Safe Haven

Welcome to The Safe Haven!


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"If no one asked questions, then she'd think they were the ones a bit off the bend."

The faster they got here, the faster she could leave the airport.

She sat slightly slouched, bent forward clasping both her hands in a tight ball, forcing her pale hands go even whiter. She was concentrating. What she was concentrating on was the crap Italian pop music that hummed like a whisper through the giant echo of everyone’s thoughts and talking. She herself spoke Italian, picking it up in a breeze after moving here. The song babbled on about how much the singer loved a girl, but how it just never seemed to work out for him as she could tell through the whiney words and lack of rhythm. Pop music seemed just immensely universal on that subject.

Someone clearing their throat caught her attention, and she let it blissfully grip her concentration away from the song.

Averting her green gaze over to the two looming, fatigued looking figures, she stood up, and gave a small smile. “Ah, Skylar and Simon?” She asked, yet already knowing the answer. “I’m Ismay Wolfe, but uh I know how bloody horrible that flight is from experience, so I’ll talk in the car on the way to the house,” she said with a small laugh. It was true, long flights never were good, but for her she especially tried to avoid being trapped thousands or so feet in the air in a metal container with well over a hundred people in it. Crowds were enough for her, crowds in planes was about as worse as she could handle but only if she absolutely had to.

Ismay, with Simon and Skylar trailing behind her, slipped by groups of people, most often of them huddled together, bags tipped over, reminiscing with their fellow family members or friends who got back from trips or work. She smiled at a few people who made eye contact that passed by her, trying her best to be a bit polite over her increasing headache. Exiting through one of the many doors, the one closest to the car, she felt relief literally wash through her like a chill through her spine as the fresh warm air washed over her and the buzzing in her head ceased like a phone cut from its wire. Walking towards the red rusted car, she said to Simon and Skylar “It’s kind of a junker, but she works. We don’t user her a lot, there’s a little market area that a fifteen minute walk away from the house so we just go there usually.” Yes, she referred to the car as a she. Yes, the car had a name, Delilah. Ismay had named it when she had first gotten it, having a habit of doing so with some of her more special inanimate objects. Like her record player. His name’s Leon.

Opening up the rasping door to the driver’s seat, she struggled to shut it, slamming it as hard as she could. When she first got the car, it had actually swung open once while she was driving from lack-of-forcedness when she shut it. She didn’t want to have to go through it again. Starting the car as the other two got in, she left the lot as soon as she could.

Traveling down the road, one could hear the clinking of the car, the quiet song on the radio that played and the honking of impatient cars on the road. “I guess I should fore warn you on the others in the house,” May supposed as she pulled up to a red light. “First, there’s Aliya, she’s seventeen. She has telekinesis, so just the basics with that, lifting up stuff, pushing and pulling, she can crush stuff or make thing explode, which is actually kinda cool to watch.” She smiled, moving forward with the car as the new green light signaled it. “Then there’s Aaron, eighteen. Bit of a smartass, but you love him anyway. He has plant manipulation, which in its scientific term, if you could really call any of this scientific, is Chlorokinesis. There’s Evelyne, Seventeen, bit of an introvert, so don’t worry if she doesn’t exactly warm up right away. She’s has plasma manipulation, which deals with a bit. She can manipulate the elements, create sorts of armors and stuff. Just a lot.” The ride was only a short while longer, around five minutes. She never liked having to explain once they reached the steps it was a ten minute venture up the flight. “Lastly, there’s Wilhelm. Also seventeen, long bloody history which he might get around to telling you guys. He has flame manipulation, but we try to not piss him off as much as we can, or else stuff will just go up in flame.”

Pulling up into the little dirt area near the stairs, she shut off the over rumbling car, and pushed open the door with a little more vigour then one would seem fit. It was either that, or stay trapped in there. As the two climbed out, she gave a slight apologetic look as she said “Unfortunately, these steps take a good couple of minutes to get up at.” Starting to go up, she gave her little closing statement of the powers bit. “You guys know Kayden, who had slight communication with you. I’ll have him explain his power, just because he does it better then I. As for me, I’ll explain mine at the same time considering people often like to ask questions.” If no one asked questions, then she'd think they were the ones a bit off the bend.

After about nine minutes, they stood at the large door, Ismay knocking on it before opening up and walking into the large, stony sitting room that greeted everyone at the start. “Anyone up?” She called out, before muttering to the two “I’m going to find someone”, before walking into the kitchen, most often of times finding people in there. Nope. Instead, she was greeted with an edited version of her note hanging on the kitchen. Thanks to her photographic memory, she could pinpoint exactly whose writing it was. She gave a sarcastic “Haha,” Then proceeded to rip the note in two before throwing it away, going on to then grabbing a sticky note and scribble the words, 'Dumbest,' on it.

She heard voices in the living room.

Making her way back to the front entrance, she slipped through the arched doorway to the living room, finding Aliya, Wilhelm, and Aaron. Smiling, she walked behind Aaron, and patted him on the back, pressing the siticky note there. “Ah, you’re jokes are becoming funnier. There up to a fifth graders level now.” She scolded half-jokingly as he often did with him. “So, everyone, this is Simon and Skylar.” God, she sounded like an elementary school teacher, how horrid. Turing to the Faust siblings, she said “I’m just going down to my room, but I’ll show you guys around in a second and to your rooms. Maybe then Kayden or Evelyne will be up.”

Going down the stairs, she huffed out a long breath, opening up her door and shutting it promptly behind her. She slipped off her jacket and threw it on the edge of her fully white, almost cloud like bed. Ismay didn’t really enjoy talking like an authority figure of some sort, but at this moment it was kind of hard not to when bringing to people in the house. Most often of times, she was just like the rest, just wandering around regularly. The only difference was, she was the one who went to run errands mostly, not because she necessarily wanted. Taking a moment to herself, she opened up one of her drawers and pulled out a small red container, labeled 'Tylenol'. This little white pill that she swallowed was a god send from the angels to May. She would marry it if she could. It probably wasn’t great she as so attached to it, but then you had killer headaches most of the time, it become a coping dependency that she would need, and right now, after being in a crowd and having that same reminiscent and incessant headache, she needed it.