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Snippet #2560484

located in The village of Kiken, a part of The Tale of Six Heroes, one of the many universes on RPG.

The village of Kiken



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Character Portrait: Alex Frost Character Portrait: Helena Von Wintherheim Character Portrait: Rina Verrais
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One of the more comfortable tables in the corner of the pub was currently taken by two women, both in conversation, although one seemed to be more enthusiastic about it than the other.

"...Well, how about that contract for tracking down the cult those guys from earlier were talking about? They've doubled the reward again since yesterday, y'know!"

The woman opposite of the enthusiastic mage gestured her refusal to take on such a risky job. They had doubled the reward twice now, and that was a sign of danger much too often. Of course, young and eager mercenaries like her partner here never really did care for such details, a lack of care that usually resulted in fatal outcomes.

"My apologies, but I don't believe it would be wise to accept this contract, m'lady. Such a high bounty is often accompanied with high risks." Despite her best wishes, Helena doubted the mage would heed her words. She rarely did. "Think about it overnight, perhaps?"

Rina looked crestfallen upon hearing what her companion had to say, but she knew she was right. "Yeah, I'll... I'll do that. Besides, we'd need to get a few more people together for it anyway." Her eyes slowly scanned the room, a new idea starting to form. "Hey, we could probably find a few people in here who might be able to help us out. See anyone who looks like they could last long?"

Helena complied with the unspoken wishes of Rina, quickly scanning the room for any seasoned mercenaries that could assist them in this contract. There were a couple that had caught her eye, however Helena felt that, since it was Rina who wanted to take this contract, it was Rina who should choose. "Anyone in particular taking your fancy?"

The mage was about to reply that she hadn't found anyone, until an oddly young-looking man at one of the tables exclaimed something about a general of Ignis and starting coughing on his ale. Rina couldn't help but snigger at the sight and murmur "Looks like somebody's had one too many."

Helena tried her best to ignore the drunk shouts, however that proved to be challenging as every person, animal and object in the room had taken immediate notice of it - Even Rina. "Of course they have." The woman scoffed, quickly turning the conversation to a subject that was important. "We definitely won't ask them for help." She joked, resuming her drink as they waited for more... competent candidates to arrive.