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located in The Safe Haven, a part of In The Safe Haven, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Safe Haven

Welcome to The Safe Haven!


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Kayden was sitting in one of the many couches that could be found within the Safe Haven. He wasn't in his own room, but he could have been anywhere within the Haven, and that was the real beauty of it. There wasn't a single place within the Haven that Kayden didn't love from the bottom of his heart. It was a place where he could be... Kayden.

Perhaps, the feeling of peace came from Kayden's surroundings. Maybe it was the Haven itself. or, perhaps, it came from Kayden's company. Cradled within his arms, with his book resting on her lower back, a young girl slept. She was, maybe, eight years old, but not a day older. She had long blonde hair, golden like wheat. Naturally, her hair possessed a gentle wave, neither truly curled nor perfectly straight, but you couldn't quite tell at the moment. She'd put it up not too long ago, just a simple ponytail, and most likely in preparation of the nap she swore she wouldn't take. Her hair was long, stopping just before it reached her lower back. Though they were closed, her eyes were mirror images of Kayden's own. They were impossibly blue, with flecks of green, grey, yellow, white, and even purple, forming miniature cosmos within her pupils. Kayden loved that they shared that. Her frame was sleight, and though she was beginning to grow out of her baby weight, you could tell that she didn't have a lot of it to begin with. Though she was just barely beginning to grow into her more feminine charms, the gentle curve of her waist had begun to show, and her lips shone softly, their gloss reflecting the dying sun. She was still a child, despite her uncanny precociousness and her close proximity to her teenage years. Though she was Kayden's younger by over ten years, there were times that he felt as if he were the younger of the two that she was taking care of him, not the other way around.

She had barely stayed awake for the first stanza, but since she had insisted that Kayden promise to keep reading; she wouldn't fall asleep. Sure enough, she had gone and slipped away from him anyway, typical. A tender smile slowly crept its way across Kayden's face, and his fingers gently swept an errant curl behind her ear, bringing a smile to her sleeping face. "What a goofball..." Kayden sighed to himself, his voice whisper quiet. He paused briefly, just looking at her sleeping form, snuggled into the side of the couch next to him. Smiling, Kayden's attention turned to the window. The sun was setting, and night was approaching. Kayden shook his head. "I told you this wasn't a good idea," Kayden spoke quietly, but his thoughts were directed more towards himself. "I told you if I read to you, that you'd fall asleep, and if you slept now, you'll be up all night," Kayden finished, complaining to himself.

The slightest of movements caught Kayden's attention, and he returned his gaze to the little girl. The sleeper stirred, roused to wakefulness, seeminly against her will. She, who had so readily drifted off to sleep, sat up, rubbed her eyes, and pouted. "You've stopped reading," she complained. As he'd predicted, the first words out of her mouth were a plea for him to continue reading. Stretching lightly before laying back down, and her arms snaking around Kayden's waist, she laid her head back down, finally coming to rest on his chest. "I didn't want to wake you Em." Kayden replied simply, a wry smile splitting an otherwise gentle expression. "Well, would you keep going? I want you to finish it!" She mock pouted, yawning halfway through. Though they both knew what was really going to happen, Kayden played along, smiling. "Anything for you, princess." He said simply, and with that, he began to read once more.

"You sweet delusions of my mind,
Still to my ruling passion kind,
Which always brought a sure relief
To life's accurst companion, grief.
Will you forever from me fly,
And must I joyless, friendless die...

Kayden trailed off, some distant distraction had caught his attention, a noise perhaps. He turned to look for it, his eyes scanning the otherwise empty room. "I thought I heard..." Kayden said, his mind racing. However, as soon as he'd stopped reading, the girl's arms tightened around Kayden's waist. "Don't go." She said, muffled, her face was buried into Kayden's chest. He turned to look at her, a reassuring hand coming to rest atop her head. "I'm not going anywhere," Kayden explained, trying to get her to calm down. She was breathing heavily, and she'd sat up, her eyes threatening to water, a dangerous shade of red. She looked like she was ready to shout at him, but he could barely hear her voice. "Please... finish... stay... don't..." Kayden only barely made out those few words. His expression turned from one of amusement, to one of confusion, to one of serenity. Hs body felt so light. He was... floating away. As soon as Kayden could no longer feel her grip on his waist, the girl screamed, and that's when Kayden woke up.


Kayden's eyes snapped open, and he immediately curled into a ball beneath his covers. He wanted to scream, to let it all out, and to cry until his tears ran dry, but he couldn't. If he cried over every little thing: every dream of Emily, every memory of the family he'd destroyed, and every picture of his little sister, his mother, or his father, even his step-father, Kayden would've reduced the Haven to rubble a long time ago. Instead, and somewhat courageously, Kayden sat up, and jumped out of bed. Walking over to the mirror on his dresser, Kayden studied himself. He was wearing his usual pajamas, and his hair was a sleep-mussed mess, but there was something off about him. His mind lethargically lurched forward, trying to ascertain the oddness, but after a few pathetic, robotic stumbles, Kayden stopped trying to figure it out. Kayden sighed heavily, his face falling into waiting hands, and that's when he felt it. His face was wet. There were tears on his face. Panicked, Kayden's sleeve rose to wipe them away, but it had frayed into nothing but string. Upon closer inspection, most of the rest of his pajamas had received a similar treatment. Kayden wheeled around frantically, nearly tripping as he turned to inspect his bed, which, after a closer inspection, Kayden decided wasn't anymore lumpy or ripped than it usually was. Standning back up, and already feeling like he was done trying to be productive today, Kayden walked back to his dresser and made a face at the mirror. "I really liked those ones..." Kayden pouted, but there was no use getting riled up about it. After all, it would only make it worse. Instead, Kayden tore off what remained of his tattered pajamas and threw them in a bin, which contained several other pairs of similarly shredded pajamas. "Guess it's time to go get some more..." Kayden sighed. He was so thoroughly not amused. Finding a warm sweater, a white t-shirt, some well-fitting pants, converse sneakers, and a pair of warm socks, Kayden got himself ready to greet the others. He turned a few times, inspecting himself to make sure Aaron hadn't ripped a hole in his pants or written, "kick me," on his sweater. Once he was satisfied, Kayden faced himself in the mirror and tried to smile. After all, Skylar and Simon would be here today, Ismay had probably already left to get them this morning in that old junker of a car. His feeble attempt at smiling turned into a grimace as he imagined their expressions upon viewing their dilapidated car. "What a great first impression..." Kayden chuckled to himself. After one last look in the mirror, Kayden lightly slapped both sides of his face and left his room, locking the door behind him. There had been some argument he'd made about his wair, but Kayden didn't feel like doing anything with it. Therefore, after deciding that his hair was, "carefully disheveled," instead of a complete mess, which was much closer to the truth, Kayden started making his way towards the front door.

Kayden's room was located well away from everyone else's. Part of this was because Kayden liked privacy, another part was a self-imposed quarantine. It would keep him from hurting anyone on accident and it would keep Aaron, mostly, or anyone else, out of his stuff. The whole two birds one stone bit. After looking around for a bit, Kayden had deduced that they'd either not yet arrived, or hadn't gotten much farther than the Kitchen, which was really the main hub of the Haven. It was spacious enough to seat everyone, and was positioned in, very nearly, the center of the first floor. Winding his way through the hallways, Kayden was just about to knock on the door frame three times before he entered. It was something he'd always done to announce his presence, to be polite, but this time, he stopped just short.

Spying Aaron, Aliya, Wilhelm, and, who he presumed were Skylar and Simon, Kayden took a step back. He didn't like crowds, and he didn't see Ismay, who usually took care of social situations for him. He really did rely on her too much. However, just as he was about to try again, Aaron spoke. At the sound of the bond's voice, Kayden stopped what he was doing and leaned on the door frame to watch, as he'd, apparently, arrived just in time to catch Aaron hazing the new kids. Typical. Aaron let out small chuckle, as he eyed the siblings dismissively. "I wouldn't bother unpacking..." He pointed at the both of them. "You two don't even look like you'll last that long here." Having finished, and probably feeling rather pleased with himself, Aaron walked past them both, bumping his shoulders with theirs. He turned back to look at them as he walked off to bother someone else, and Kayden tired to catch his eye. Usually, Kayden didn't tolerate bullies at the best of times, but after this morning, Kayden was feeling downright testy. However, he couldn't quite manage to give his non-verbal warning, as Aaron had already walked through the other door, and was gone. Kayden scowled as the door swung shut behind him. Responding to Kayden's temper, small wisps of inky black energy , like ashen flower petals, momentarily came into being around him. They danced around his body, for half a second, until one brushed against the door frame, causing the paint to peel and crack. The slight noise caught his attention, and Kayden's eyes opened wide. Taking a step away from the door, he dismissed the wisps with a wave of his hand. Kayden scoffed. "Tch... Shit..." He swore under his breath. He'd messed up. He let it out. Kayden wasn't supposed to do that.

Unfortunately, thanks to his little display, most of the eyes in the room were probably locked on him, and it made Kayden uncomfortable. Deciding now was the best time to do so, after all, he had everyone's attention, Kayden knocked three times, just loud enough for everyone to hear. Slowly, Kayden stepped over the threshold and took three short steps towards the Faust siblings. Stopping himself before he got any closer than arm's length, Kayden's hand came up to rest at his elbow, rubbing it absentmindedly. Kayden was nervous, but he spoke anyway, his eyes boring holes in the floor. He wasn't used to this, he usually delegated such tasks to Ismay. "I see you've met Aaron. Don't let him get to you, that idiot's a prankster and a scoundrel. I'm sure you'll be just fine here. After all, you can't be any worse than m-me." Kayden finished with a weak chuckle. He'd tried to make a joke, but it had only ended up making him sound pathetic. Even worse, he stuttered a little at the end. That being said, he'd done alright thus far. He could pretend to be in charge for a bit longer. Kayden lifted his face, and his eyes locked, momentarily, with each of the Faust siblings as he addressed them each in turn. "You two must be Skylar and Simon. I'm glad to meet you. I'm Kayden, we've spoken before. It's nice to finally meet you in person. Though I'm sure you're eager to explore the Haven, I'm afraid you'll have to wait a bit. May is much better suited to giving you guys a tour. However, since it's bound to come up, I'll tell you this now: if you value your lives, don't enter the East Tower without my permission." Kayden finished somewhat darkly, his eyes finding the floor once again.

Kayden noticed this made his genuine warning sound like an ominous threat, however, and backpedaled wildly. "Ahh! U-um... Sorry. That's not a threat or anything! I'm not trying to make you uncomfortable! It's just... That's... um... That's where I live, and..." Kayden paused, and took a step backwards, towards the door he'd just entered. He felt exhausted already, and his eyes were watering dangerously. He shut them tight before they could leak, and he took a deep breath to calm his nerves. After a moment, Kayden opened his eyes and looked over towards the siblings, though he avoided making eye contact. "I'll be frank. I don't trust myself. I-I'm a bit of a special case here in the Haven. Most everyone here is really, very good at controlling their powers, but..." Again, Kayden paused, unsure of what to say. After a moment, he decided that the best thing to do would be to tell them the truth. "M-my powers tend to act up when I'm..." Kayden chewed his words for a moment, pausing again as he searched for the right one. Having found it, Kayden finished his train of thought,"agitated." Kayden really didn't like where this was going, but he knew that the conversation would turn to it eventually, "I'm sure May told you something about me and my powers, but she never gets it quite right." Kayden said, his gaze coming to rest on Simon's shoes. They were new. "My ability to is to accelerate time upon any object at an excessively rapid pace. It's all well and good to say that, b-but..." Kayden swallowed hard, this was the part he didn't like. "I-It's better if I sh-show you. My warning from earlier won't hold any weight if I don't."

Steeling himself, Kayden walked over to the kitchen cabinet and pulled out a glass. He held it up, so it could be easily seen, and closed his eyes. He didn't want to watch. Just as before, small, wisps of inky dark energy, similar in shape to flower petals swirled into being around the glass. Gleefully, they danced around it, brushing against it every so often, and every time they touched the glass, it cracked or yellowed, as if it had been used too many times. The little wisps swirled faster around the glass, touching it more and more frequently, until the structure of the glass was simply too weak to hold itself up anymore, and it crumbled into dust. Disgusted with himself, Kayden stepped quickly over to the trash can and deposited the pile of dust in his hands therein. "I hate doing that, but n-now you'll understand. The... q-q-quarantine on the East Tower, is for your own good just as much as it is mine." Kayden said with finality, hoping to whatever gods there were that Ismay would come and rescue him from everyone.