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located in The Safe Haven, a part of In The Safe Haven, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Safe Haven

Welcome to The Safe Haven!


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Character Portrait: Ismay La Wolfe Character Portrait: Aaron Johnson Character Portrait: Simon Faust Character Portrait: Skylar Faust Character Portrait: Aliya Zypher Character Portrait: Wilhelm Von Faringhsten Character Portrait: Kayden Sirrel
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The introductions were awkward enough on their own, but thankfully Ismay was more than eager to abandon the airport in favor of a rusty compact vehicle which was a relief to the jet lagged siblings, Skylar in particular. Once outside, she ushered her baby brother into the backseat and climbed in after him though the passenger seat up front was open and available. She was used to sticking to him like glue, so much so that they had been called conjoined twins on more than one occasion, so she didn't give riding shotgun a second of thought. Somewhere down the road, though their attention was not placed on her, Ismay speaks again, "I guess I should fore warn you on the others in the house," Skylar's eyes flit to her brother, only to see his expression sour. His thoughts alone permeate from his scowl, "Oh fuck, here we go." To which she smacks his arm in retaliation, telling him to "Cut the shit" without the actual use of words.โ€œFirst, thereโ€™s Aliya, sheโ€™s seventeen. She has telekinesis, so just the basics with that, lifting up stuff, pushing and pulling, she can crush stuff or make thing explode, which is actually kinda cool to watch.โ€ Simon waggles his brows sardonically, his "Cool beans" practically oozing sarcasm through a closed-lip smile. Sky grows more and more exasperated with him as she casts a secondary glance in his direction. He was determined to make an ass of himself, she should have known he wouldn't have been open to meeting others 'like' them. She couldn't help but understand where he was coming from though, she was hardly dripping with anticipation herself. "Then thereโ€™s Aaron, eighteen. Bit of a smartass, but you love him anyway. He has plant manipulation, which in its scientific term, if you could really call any of this scientific, is Chlorokinesis. Thereโ€™s Evelyne, Seventeen, bit of an introvert, so donโ€™t worry if she doesnโ€™t exactly warm up right away. Sheโ€™s has plasma manipulation, which deals with a bit. She can manipulate the elements, create sorts of armors and stuff. Just a lot.โ€ Skylar's already furrowed brows raised marginally. "...the fuck does that mean?" She idly wondered, curious if her brother was thinking similarly. He just shrugs in response, insouciant, responding with a private "Hell if I know." so she won't feel alone in her confusion. โ€œLastly, thereโ€™s Wilhelm. Also seventeen, long bloody history which he might get around to telling you guys. He has flame manipulation, but we try to not piss him off as much as we can, or else stuff will just go up in flame.โ€ As Simon listens he sinks in his seat, propping his chin against his hand in utter vexation while his sister idly considers fucking with the resident hot head. He just shakes his head with a smirk on his face.

Soon the car lurches to a stop, finding a resting place in front of a prodigious and colossal set of stone steps that stretched dizzyingly upward to Haven's front doors. Skylar couldn't help but feel as if they were a bit foreboding as she clamored out of the vehicle with her lanky brother in tow. โ€œUnfortunately, these steps take a good couple of minutes to get up at. You guys know Kayden, who had slight communication with you. Iโ€™ll have him explain his power, just because he does it better then I. As for me, Iโ€™ll explain mine at the same time considering people often like to ask questions.โ€ Her breath caught in her throat while she quickly cast her brown eyes to the ground so's not to catch Simon's gaze. That's not suspicious at all. To her, there was no reason to put off explanation, Ismay hadn't waited to boil down the base of every other residents gift, so why was hers so secretive and in need of more detailed attention? She hoped her brother had taken no notice of her suspicions, he needed no additional reason to regret having come. And her hopes were not in vain. As the three ascended the stairwell, Simon's gaze was turned downward, scowling at the steps as though each one had done him a disservice. He could've easily teleported to the top but he knew his sister wouldn't approve. So now he was stuck walking the distance, just as much burdened by disdain as he was by the weight of his bag.

Ismay leads them through the front doors and the siblings are immediately in awe. Their chaperon's voice falls on deaf ears as they admire the general splendor of the foyer alone. For two young adults who've spent these past several years under bridges and sleeping in parks, this was more than an upgrade to what they were accustomed. Seedy hotel rooms couldn't compare, and they hadn't even seen the majority of the home yet. Coasting behind her as she enters the kitchen, the note on the refrigerator goes ignored, their attention glued to the decor instead. Once they're led to where the others have sat themselves, they're greeted by a curly haired blonde who, upon first glance, seemed very full of himself. "Ah, well, Simon and Skylar, Welcome to the Madhouse. I wouldn't bother unpacking.... You two don't even look like you'll last long here." As he leaves the room, a pair of scowls follow him, and Simon nearly jumps with a clenched fist as he bumps into them. Skylar reins him in, flipping the blonde the bird behind his back as her brother simultaneously drops his fist to his lap and moves it in a crude jerking off motion, spreading his hand as though he were spewing bodily fluid all over the mop-headed prick.

From the threshold that 'Jerkass' had just sauntered out of stood a meek looking boy with blue eyes who looked unsure of himself being surrounded by so many people at once. Though not short in stature, he seemed small as if he meant to concave within himself, like he wished he could simply disappear by force of sheer will alone. In other words, he was the siblings' polar opposite. "I see you've met Aaron. Don't let him get to you, that idiot's a prankster and a scoundrel. I'm sure you'll be just fine here. After all, you can't be any worse than m-me. You two must be Skylar and Simon. I'm glad to meet you. I'm Kayden, we've spoken before. It's nice to finally meet you in person. Though I'm sure you're eager to explore the Haven, I'm afraid you'll have to wait a bit. May is much better suited to giving you guys a tour. However, since it's bound to come up, I'll tell you this now: if you value your lives, don't enter the East Tower without my permission."

Simon's brows went pert at the words, his gaze flitting to his sister as he conveyed an expression as though he were going to disobey as soon as possible. "I'm going to do the thing" Skylar's mien turned to a maternal scowl, as if she were reprimanding a small child. "Don't do the thing." She commanded by way of countenance solely. Resigned in his ways, Simon issues a curt nod, straightening up with a sly smirk that could only convey one familiar thought, "I'm going to do the thing."

"Ahh! U-um... Sorry. That's not a threat or anything! I'm not trying to make you uncomfortable! It's just... That's... um... That's where I live, and..." says the boy, in a way that completely contradicted the seriousness of his previous statement. It made Simon all the more determined to go against his warning. "What is this Beauty and the fucking Beast now?" he snaps with the severity of his gaze, looking to his sister in abhorrent bewilderment. She stifled a laugh with her fist in response, keeping it to her mouth in an effort to remain stoic. "I'll be frank. I don't trust myself. I-I'm a bit of a special case here in the Haven. Most everyone here is really, very good at controlling their powers, but.... M-my powers tend to act up when I'm...agitated." Simon, getting more aggravated by the second, thinks bitterly Bitch, I'm getting agitated. without sparing his sister a glance. Meanwhile, Skylar resisted the urge to roll her eyes with vexation at the statement, as nice as the kid seemed, everyone here was turning out to be some sort of special case to be handled with kid gloves; which did not bode well for Simon getting the help he needed. If he had been here for as long as he had and still had not enough control over himself that he had to isolate himself to a separate wing of the building altogether, how were they supposed to help Simon? "I'm sure May told you something about me and my powers, but she never gets it quite right."

"Well actually, Skylar started, about to correct him as Ismay had really not told them much of anything about herself or the elusive Kayden, before she was cut off mid sentence. It seemed the new arrivals weren't going to be afforded the opportunity any time soon to get a word in edge wise. "My ability to is to accelerate time upon any object at an excessively rapid pace. It's all well and good to say that, b-but...I-It's better if I sh-show you. My warning from earlier won't hold any weight if I don't." He seemed to comprehend a great deal of his powers, soliciting a seriousness from Skylar that went unmarked in her brother. She had Simon to watch out for, and if someone had a potentially dangerous and difficult power to control, she'd want to keep Simon out of harm's way until she could understand just what she was faced with. The glass in his hand didn't seem effected at first, she almost began to ask what she was supposed to be watching for when the edges on it's clear surface began to show signs of discoloration. Cracks began to splinter down the side until the whole thing shattered and ground into dust, dissipating into the air. It was like a scene straight out of The Mummy. "I hate doing that, but n-now you'll understand. The... q-q-quarantine on the East Tower, is for your own good just as much as it is mine."

Simon watches as the dust drifts to the hardwood floor in mild disinterest, quirking a brow as he turns his attention to the boy in front of him. "So you age everything you touch," he retorts impassively, "you must be a real hit with the ladies."

Skylar formed a protective stance and moved in between Kayden and her little brother. It wasn't that she didn't trust this guy she had only just met, though she didn't come to easily trust anyone, let alone strangers, but she could envision him brushing up against Simon and his body crumbling away to ash which was a horrifying thing to contemplate. She wouldn't survive it. "I hope you can keep your hands to yourself." She stated without elevating her voice, keeping the tone neutral though it was anything but.

"Oh he will, Beauty, didn't you hear the warning? Stay out of the East Wing." He turns his scowl to Kayden again, his gaze hardening the lines in his face. Simon was doneโ€”utterly and completely done with all of this bullshit. This wasn't a "safe haven", this was the land of misfit toys. "If I wanted a fucking Disney movie, I would've rather you sang to me at a god damn dinner table."

"Simon!" Skylar scolded, surprised even he would be so harsh. She lightly stomped on the toe of his shoe in reprimand. "Manners."

"Manners?" Simon huffs a bitter chuckle, sending a pointed look to his sister in exchange for the sore foot, "Poison Ivy back there didn't give a rat's ass about manners. Why should I show the same courtesy?" With a grievance he slings his bag over his shoulder and heads back towards the door, "Fuck this, I need a cigarette." With a half-hearted wave behind him he adds, "Let me know when brown eyes gets back." and walks out.

Skylar cast the rest of the room's denizens a mortified look. Though normally offending a group of newly made acquaintances wouldn't keep her up at night, far from it actually, they were to be living along side of them for however long and the last thing she wanted was for her brother to have already made enemies. She chuckled nervously before clearing her throat. "Don't mind him, the in flight was a bitch and he had to be coerced into coming here anyway. He'll warm up, give it time. Sorry." She made her excuses and quickly filed out of the room after him, muttering under her breath all the while, "He'd warm up a Hell of a lot faster though if you people didn't act like such douches."

She found her brother outside on the terrace by following the clove scented smoke trail, wisps of white curling up around him like clutching fingers. "Hey." She stated lamely, stooping down to sit beside him before snatching the spare cigarette perched behind his ear and putting it in between her lips, her other hand out expectantly for the lighter. When his mouth twisted into a knowing smile, Sky cut him a look that said "Don't say shit about it."