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located in The Safe Haven, a part of In The Safe Haven, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Safe Haven

Welcome to The Safe Haven!


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Kayden was, to say the least, distressed. He has gone out of his way to invite the siblings to the Haven. He had actually searched for them, found them, and gotten Ismay to help convince them that this was where they needed to be. He even explained his powers to them. Kayden hated talking about his powers. Hell, Kayden hated his powers. Period. Even still, he'd managed to be civil, to dress himself like he was planning on actually socializing, and to welcome the newcomers into his home. This was looking to be a banner fucking day for the usually hyper-reserved Kayden. How could it have gone sour so quickly? Then again, what didn't Kayden turn sour? "Isn't that the question of the century..." Kayden thought morosely.

With the display of Kayden's power finished, Kayden felt like he was going to be physically sick. His stomach was performing back-flips to the tune of, "The Flight of the Bumblebee," and as soon as the dust had fallen to the floor, Kayden shoved his hands in his pockets as swiftly as he could, to hide their shaking. Struggling to keep his knees from buckling, Kayden looked up at the twins hopefully, he wasn't expecting respect, or even admiration, but he had hoped it would allow them a modicum of understanding. Now they would know just what they were getting themselves into, that this was a place where they could be themselves, experiment with their powers in a free environment, and hide away from the terrors of a callous and uncaring world. At least, that was Kayden's best case scenario, which decidedly wasn't happening today. Hell, his whole day thus far was systematically shifting from his best to worst case scenarios, at what seemed to be every turn. As the conversation progressed, Kayden felt his stomach turn, as if it wasn't already queasy enough. As the siblings reacted, his weak smile was slowly replaced by a visage of slowly dawning horror.

Simon, who had, thankfully, watched Kayden's display, albeit with mild disinterest, quirked a brow when Kayden had finished. "So you age everything you touch," he retorts impassively, "you must be a real hit with the ladies." Kayden managed a weak chuckle. He tried to gather up some courage to tell Simon that it wasn't just via touch, that the energy which festered inside of him was responsible, and its range was much farther than the ends of Kayden's sleeves. That was when Kayden's world began to shatter. Skylar, who had watched with much more interest, if only because she appeared so disgusted, formed a protective stance and moved in between Kayden and her little brother. "I hope you can keep your hands to yourself." She stated without elevating her voice, keeping the tone neutral, though even Kyaden could tell it was anything but. Again, Kayden looked up at the siblings, one hand raised slightly. He tried to make some noise about how his range was much farther than a simple touch, hence the quarantine of the whole tower, not just Kayden's room, but Simon cut across him, stifling Kayden's careful admonition. Stymied, Kayden's words caught in his throat, and his eyes returned to the floor, unaware of the tiny motes of black ashen energy, which floated impishly about his haunted frame.

"Oh he will, Beauty, didn't you hear the warning? Stay out of the East Wing." Kayden wanted to laugh, as it was rather clever, but instead he felt like he wanted to cry. Though Simon was right on, the similarity was exceedingly appropriate, Kayden bristled at the comparison, though it was certainly an easy one to draw. Kayden was a monster, he knew that already. He didn't need some cocky, ill-mannered newcomer to tell him that, especially after Kayden had so graciously offered up his own home, hell, everyone else's home, to them. Though his eyes remained on the floor, they opened, and stretched wide in disbelief. Kayden's shaking hands returned to their pockets, if only to hide that they'd balled up into fists. Kayden's despair had disappeared, replaced, instead, with a simmering anger, deep in the pit of his belly. He held it down by force of will, beating it back until he couldn't feel its heat any more, but he felt disgusted with himself. How could he get so riled up so easily? Though Kayden hadn't even noticed it, his powers were fluctuating dangerously. The tiny motes of black swirled faster about his frame, growing larger as his anger flared, then shrinking back into nothingness as Kayden managed to reign in his dangerous emotions.

Though Kayden had managed to control himself, he hadn't managed to respond to Simon or Skylar, who were most likely regarding him like some hideous thing, on display for all to see. Kayden knew if he opened his mouth, only horrible things would spew forth from it, so Kayden chose to say nothing. "Where the hell is May?" Kayden thought desperately. She would have resolved this situation effortlessly, while Kayden could only struggle to keep himself from destroying the Haven at the slightest flare of emotional distress. Kayden was ashamed of himself. After all, wasn't he supposed to be in charge here? His silence, it seemed, was only making matters wore. Even without looking, Kayden seemed to feel the heat of Simon's ire, he thought he could hear the derision in his words, as if the deadly arrows slung from his mouth had exited through a scowl. "If I wanted a fucking Disney movie, I would've rather you sang to me at a god damn dinner table." Kayden closed his eyes and clenched his fists, braced for impact as if the words had physically hurt him. Kayden breathed deeply, keeping the rage of his dangerous powers and unstable emotions in check.

Just as Kayden was about to say something about how clever Simon was for drawing the obvious comparison, or how the Haven was a training ground for people like himself, that not everyone was expected to be perfect, Skylar seemed to take matters into her own hands. Once more, Kayden was stymied as the siblings had a swift, albeit heated discussion, and then left the room to cool off. Kayden only sighed. Already feeling like tomorrow couldn't come soon enough, Kayden plunked himself onto one of the chairs in the living room and leaned his head back. "Some leader I am... eh?" Kayden muttered. Though it was only just loud enough for all to hear, Kayden was really only directing the thoughts at himself. He didn't want anyone's pity, but he sure as hell didn't want to spend yet another day holed up in his room, waiting for his rebellious emotions to calm themselves. Suddenly struck by a small epiphany, one of Kayden's fingers rose, resting on his lower lip. "I suppose I should have mentioned it was only at night time that my tower's quarantined 'cause I have a harder time controlling myself during my sleep... Oh well..." Kayden pondered aloud, resigned to apologizing to the siblings later, once they'd all cooled their heads enough to be pleasant with each other. Turning his head to Aliya, who sat on the other side of the living room, Kayden spoke, engaging in some mildly self-deprecating humor. "Heh, at least I can't make today any worse, eh?"