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located in Swyndell, a part of To Steal a Heart, one of the many universes on RPG.




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King Oren sat upon his splendid golden throne, a vast banquet of some of the most desirable looking foods stretched out before him. The gigantic oak table that sat almost the entire length of his throne room was packed shoulder to shoulder with his most trusted guards and fellow noblemen, all of whom were doing their best to put on a show of merriment and distraction.

King Oren was a rather old man, he was the type of person however who even in his old age was a slightly intimidating figure. His once huge solid frame had slightly shrunken due to the passage of time, and his long ago fair handsome face had begun to whither. A large bejeweled crown sat upon his well kept wispy white hair and his robes were a deep rich black with golden trimming-he was the definition of royalty.

And yet here he sat among such opulence and grandeur as the single most powerful man in the kingdom and yet all he felt was a cold overwhelming emptiness. In his old hands sat the crown of the prince, his son, who had been stolen from him not more then a few hours ago. His wife and Queen had been to distraught over the loss to attend a public banquet and in all honesty so had King Oren, but long ago the wise king had learned that putting on a fake smile and going about ones business even in the darkest of times was often the best course of action-especially when all the eyes of rivaling kingdoms were constantly fixated upon his crown-always looking for a sign of weakness.

As King Oren sat there doing his best to ignore the cheery band of minstrels to his right the two large wooden banquet doors practically exploded open, at least that’s what it sounded like as both large sturdy doors were thrust open from the outside and violently collided with the stone walls of the banquet hall. Immediately King Orens gaze snapped to the now opens doors-he honestly expected a group of attackers or angry peasants-the thought of harpies even crossed his mind. But what stood there was far more terrifying then all of the above.

It was a lone woman.

The large and noisy hall immediately went silent, the annoying minstrels next to the king even stopped mid strum-making a rather annoying twanging sound that filled the hall. The woman that stood boldy before the huge group of men would have been described as beautiful except for the fact the almost her entire body was covered in what appeared to be extremely well taken care of plate mail armor-the only skin exposed was a few small segments of her rather muscular but slim arms. She wore more weapons then any man in the room: a ridiculously large iron ax and two handed blade both rested against her back and a smaller sword was clasped at the rather fine looking leather belt around her waist-it even looked like her armor had a built in shield type device on her left armored glove. The very distinguishable hawk face shaped helmet she wore upon her head made King Oren immediately recognized who she was, another feature that stood out plain as day were the two huge braids of bright red hair that trailed from inside the helmet to about the middle of her waist. She wore the same helmet and hair as her father, the Warchief of Vall-the most feared Kingdom in Orens land. It was Saria Stoneheart.

“Where is he?!” The hawk helmeted woman practically screamed in the direction of King Oren, completely ignoring the two well armored men approaching her.

“Hey now lady, no one talks to the king like that. Not even some girl playing warri-” The guard who had been approaching Saria obviously had no clue who she was, a fact proven as her well armored fist shot out quick as lightning catching the poor unsuspecting fool off guard. A loud 'crack!' sounded out as the man dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes, through the whole engagement Sarias eye's hadnt once broken with the kings.

At the brazen and rather impressive attack many swords were pulled from their sheaths, countless guards shooting from their seats at the banquet table. The King himself quickly stood up, throwing his right arm in the air in a sign of authority he quickly shouted with his old raspy voice. “Stand down men! This is a guest to our kingdom, the bride to be to our lost prince.” His voice dropped an octave or two at the mention of the Prince, as if he was just now realizing the fact was reality.

“So then what my men have told me is true?” Saria quipped from the opposite side of the banquet table, already pacing back and forth lost in thought, all the while she walked back and forth she kept her arms folded together behind her back-a nervous habit she'd picked up over the years from her father. She spoke with such authority that she didn’t seemed threatened at all by the large number of men who still clutched their weapons in hand. As quickly as she had begun pacing she stopped, her piercing eyes catching the kings gaze yet again. “I will need your two best men, your three fastest horses, crossbows, climbing equipment, and a weeks worth of provisions. I expect all of requested at the front gates within the hour-the sooner the better.” The way she spoke was clear that she was neither asking nor requesting these things, they were demands she expected to be met.

In all honesty the King was caught slightly off guard, he himself not being used to be spoken to so bluntly. “But-well, where are you going? What are you doing?” He asked, concern and curiosity clear in his voice.

Already walking away with her back to the King Saria didn’t even bother to turn to respond to the question, instead she simply spat back rather loudly and angrily “To retrieve what is mine.”


Now, literally sitting on a pile of gold, Edrick seemed a little more come-maybe it was the fact he was once again surrounded by wealth. Letting his hands trail back and forth over the gold coins as he stared at his captor he began rambling again. “Delicacy eh?” He asked, a little less afraid. “I get it now, your gonna fatten me up for some fancy bird party, wana try the royal meat?” Not even waiting for a response Edrick began speaking yet again, as if he was just merely talking to talk “So whats with all this gold anyways?” He literally rolled around in the shiny metal after asking “I mean, what, you people actually use a form of currency? And while were talking about worthless things that are worth and awful lot, do you even know who I REALLY am? Do you even know the shitstorm your bringing down on your head?” His last question was a little more sharp and harsh, like he was a poker player holding an unbeatable hand.