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Season of Giving 2020

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located in The Safe Haven, a part of In The Safe Haven, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Safe Haven

Welcome to The Safe Haven!


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"Showing vulnerability was something that frightened the girl. It was probably her greatest fear that she didn’t even know she encompassed."

Ismay placed the bottle back in the drawer and sat herself on the edge of her ethereal feeling bed, placing her head in her hands and she let out a long, exasperated sigh.

She jolted silently as an unexpected voice scared the peculiarly arising anxious girl.

Peeking at Aaron between her fingers, like a careful cat looking through blades of grass trying to not been seen by its prey or enemy, she took a deep breath trying to calm her racing heart as she was still recovering from the scare he had suddenly given her. Still covering her face, she flopped onto her back, hitting the fluffy comforter. “Aaron,” she whispered in a quiet, almost exhausted sigh, her accent becoming inaudible in the quietness. Her sighs almost seemed shakey, like someone holding back tears. Ismay always had that tone however, deep into the core of her voice, hardly perceptible unless in the quiet. Most never picked it up unless they were exceptionally attentive. She couldn’t come up with valid reasons to why it was. It wasn’t that she felt on the verge of tears all the time, in fact, she rarely ever cried, even if it were a single tear. Showing vulnerability was something that frightened the girl. It was probably her greatest fear that she didn’t even know she encompassed.

“Your words are too callous.” She mumbled along, dropping her hands from her face and glancing up at the ceiling above. It was full of wooden beams, and her eyes scanned along the many different notches and shapes, almost in a mesmerizing manner. “There was this quote I read once.” She carried on, not glancing at the blonde haired boy. Her words were aimed at him, but they also acted as her thoughts being said out loud to herself. “I don't want you to sketch this cripple, this freak of nature, I want you to slaughter him, crucify him, to nail him to your paper with charcoal.” Her words were no longer as quiet as they once were. “The guy who said it was a German poet, his name was Gunter Grass.” Ismay sat herself up, and glanced at the boy who seemed to have just found the note she placed on his back before. “Your words of calling them-” She stopped, rephrasing her words, “well really all of us including yourself freaks of nature has such an ugly and angry connotation. The word freak is an awful term used to describe ones differences from the average person, but in all reality there is not one single perfect person. Everyone is different in their own ways, us just a little more than usual. There is no such thing as a freak of nature.” Her words were not angry, nor scolding as one might think. Her words just sounded like fact- a statement being said. “Racism, homophobia, and all that are all courses of someone believing something is not right, something of freakish nature, because of a difference from their own self. It’s all bullshit. Ismay now stood up approaching the boy making the direct eye contact that was so unusual for herself to use. Resting her petite hand on his arm, she said “We’re not freaks. They aren’t freaks. I’m not saying pity them, just don’t be an ass.” She groaned, dropping her hand and walking passed him out her door, calling back to him “Besides, this house is bigger than your ego, there’s more theen enough space,” with a small joking laugh.

Walking back up the stairs, her steps slow and graceful, she turned around the corner, and pressed her back against the cool wall, letting out a breath of air. The words of harshness always scared her, and it hurt to know that people out in the world probably wanted their blood, wanting them slaughtered or crucified as read in that quote. But hell, she wasn’t going to let that happen. She would go to all ends to protect those in the house, and others out there like themselves.

She hoped she wouldn’t ever have to deal with it however, hoping they were hidden enough.

Walking back into the living room area, ready to give the Faust’s the confusing tour of the large old home; her eyes couldn’t seem to see them where they were once placed. They could have gone off on their own in the house, but she almost thought they had ran last minute, gone back to where they were before. It wouldn’t surprise her necessarily, especially if Aaron had said something. Yet, she practically sure if Aaron had said anymore then he had, he would have entered her room with an arising black eye.

Going over to stand next to Kayden she gave a small smile, but noticed the look of guilt and almost sickness on his face. “Hey Kay, are you alright?” She asked, concern washing over her face as it did at times. She may not be able to read people’s emotions very well, but she knew him well enough to read him like book. She had full trust in Kayden. It scared her at times, considering that only a few years ago she wouldn't even think about putting such trust in everyone. He was the first person she ever met the same with her, and it was completely unexpected. It's all a little weird. She had more trust in him then he did in himself, and she could only assume it was the other way around. “Where’d everyone go?” She questioned, both him and Aliya Going over and sitting on the two seated couch, bringing her legs up with her as she hugged them to her chest.

She didn’t really expect this day to go smoothly. She had learned to really expect the worse, so there was little disappointment. It seemed to work out fine for her, but led her to not be the most optimistic person in the world.