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Alvina Erinyes

It seemed that the broker, and herself had not been quick enough during their meeting. At this point Alvina was still trying to figure out whether or not she had been lucky or not that it was Vincent discovered her, of course she would of preferred no one to have seen that. Meeting his Icy glare with her own unmoving eyes, she made sure not to look away at any point while being spoke to, waiting precisely for her master to finish before nodding her head " I will personally flay the next piece of business that follows me"

Heeding the gesture Alvina followed behind Vincent, following just a couple paces behind and a pace or so to his right. She did not inspect the wreckage of the doors, she had spent the morning doing that, no she instead glanced around at the servants, nearly all of them did not meet her amber glare, one braved a look upon Alvina features and earned a slight smirk. Both the servant and herself turned to listen to the Prince of fire, before the servant swiftly turned to carry on her duties, except this time she was met by the glare of silver eyes, Umbra, Alvina's familiar had decide to try being social again with the servants again. They probably did not want to be social back, but they did not dare to test the gaze of this beast, seeing as behind its eyes sat those of the harlequin.

Sitting her self down on the sofa, she raised a brow, what was he looking for in his draw?. It dawned on her just as it happened. Throwing her head downwards she felt the knives, two of them narrowly miss her head.Using the momentum on which she threw her head downwards, she forced its path towards the floor, pushing up with her toes so she came off the sofa and rolled forward. Springing up at the end with grace, she lazily placed her left hand on the desk, before placing the dagger within her right hand flat on the desk, she had slipped the blade off her hip during the roll out of instinct " I can assure you, i did not wake this morn void of my experience and skills....some things can't be forgotten"

Leaving the dagger on the table, she stepped backwards, facing Vincent at all times, so she could once again resume sitting upon the sofa again. " Perhaps i should waive the charge of my next job?.... it would mean i could cheat my idiotic business partners into paying them less.... but i digress.... for i doubt you brought me in here to discuss such things.... especially as the mission to the human realm is now your" she wondered how much of the talk in front of satan was true. It did seem unlikely that Vincent would attend a simple mission like by himself, no she would probably be the one. Glancing off to one side, she felt something pass through the air, no not the air, the very realm. A surge in power. Trying to discern an exact location on the source of the spike would be next to impossible from her location, the intricate and complex relationship between realms and relative positioning to each other meant a vector could not be accurately be given a direction, however it could be given a magnitude. The strength of the inter-realm barrier and the rate of decay of the energy provided an approximation to the location of the Source. " I might suggest we be swift in our preparations as not to lose this advantage" Alvina spoke softly as she once again cast a questioning gaze up Vincent. No doubt he felt it too, and no doubt he to would of discerned what she had.