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located in The Safe Haven, a part of In The Safe Haven, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Safe Haven

Welcome to The Safe Haven!


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Character Portrait: Ismay La Wolfe Character Portrait: Aaron Johnson Character Portrait: Simon Faust Character Portrait: Skylar Faust Character Portrait: Aliya Zypher Character Portrait: Wilhelm Von Faringhsten Character Portrait: Kayden Sirrel
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XXβ€œWatch what you say
XXAnd what you do
XXFor little eyes
XXMay be watching you
XX― Reba Mcentire

XXiPod Playlist : ImageBabylonImage
XXClothing : Pajamas


Aliya smiled at the compliment from the German kid named Wilhelm. The frown was quickly replaced by the straight face when Aaron began making comments. Though she usually found them comical, they at times were rather cruel. She gave the guy a sympathetic smile before looking towards the commotion of footsteps. Aliya moved her head to the question if anyone was up. She knew the voice immediately and decided to not speak, as she would find them eventually on the couch. And she did moments later, introducing their new recruits in the process, Skylar and Simon. Before Aliya could say anything to welcome them, Aaron was up, jokes and jests ready.

His first words made her eyebrow shoot up in confusion.Madhouse? Aliya hoped he realized that if this were a madhouse, that would make him a patient as well. Though she knew it was a simple jest to get the newcomers going, she thought upon the words. Though she found herself more puzzled when he continued speaking.

Haven was no survivor island, there was no death and decay. It was simply well...Safe Haven. Aliya felt no need to attempt to scare the new recruits with such words as Aaron did. Here they had to stick together. They took care of one another, because in the outside world - they were freaks. When silence came about, she was sure Aaron had left as Ismay had not long ago.

It wasn't long until a new sound caught her ears, a cracking. This time, she did look. It was Kayden. Aliya always found herself interested in the tiny wisps that came about when he was around. She watched as the boy went to the siblings and began talking, introducing himself and apologizing for Aaron's behavior. She felt a small tinge of sympathy for the siblings, as she hated being the new person. Being the new person meant introductions and countless talks.

The blonde haired girl turned back around to fiddle with her hands as she listened to them, and she found herself laughing at Kayden's warning to stay clear of the East Tower. Not that it was funny, was, but more upon the context of the warning. It sounded much like Beauty A The Beast. Aliya remembered getting the same warning upon her arrival, and simply nodding.

When hearing that Kayden was going to display his abilities, she turned around to watch in interest. Seeing the glass go from clear to dust was truly the sight to see. She'd never seen his abilities to their full capabilities, but often wondered when thinking of the topic, could he do the same to people? To make others visibly fade away sounded like a heavy burden to bare. She felt sympathy for the boy.

Hearing Simon's responses to the show, she already got a small idea of what the boy was like. Sarcastic and witty, much like Aaron, yet something about the humor was far different. Always the fly on the wall, she watched as Simon excused himself, Skylar not following far after, leaving Kayden standing. Wilhelm got up and followed the two as well, and now she sat alone. She wasn't alone for long however, as Kayden went to sit down on the couches as well.
"Heh, at least I can't make today any worse, eh?" Kayden tried joking, earning a small smile from Aliya.
"Well, it can always get worse. The day is still young. I think you did fine," she told him before thinking for a moment "Things will work themselves out, they just got here, give them a few hours to calm down and not be so...on edge" she offered before seeing Ismay sit down as well. Hearing her question, Aliya shrugged once again.
"No idea, I try not to keep tabs on everyone. I think Wilhelm went to say hello however" she answered, looking to the two founders of Haven.
"Never a boring day here it seems" Aliya jested with a half smile, trying to make the conversation somewhat lighthearted.