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Season of Giving 2020

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Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅

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located in The Safe Haven, a part of In The Safe Haven, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Safe Haven

Welcome to The Safe Haven!


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Despite the younger sibling's surprise, Simon offered his cigarette to Skylar without a word, throwing up his hands in mock retreat when she gave him a withering look. In his veins nicotine flowed like water, laced in his blood to cease the thrumming in his skull. It was a simple pleasure, a luxury he could actually afford, and it was as much of an anchor as Skylar was. He needed it like a schizophrenic needed psychotherapy, especially after the day he's had. Today had turned out to be a tedious misadventure, to say the least; from having to spend sixteen hours in a tightly-packed flying tin can to dealing with asinine dickheads, it was shaping up to be a long day. Spending a few minutes outside with his petty habits and his sister by his side was just as much beneficial to him as it was for everyone else in the house. Not that he had a problem with anyone in the house, necessarily. Hell, not even the blonde guy—What was his name-...Edgar? Erin?—got on his bad side. Simon was just annoyed. He wasn't so ignorant to believe that he'd be able to walk into this place without having to worry about casualties or someone having the capability to cause him some serious harm. This was a place for training people like him how to get a handle on their abilities, for Christ's sake. So, yes, that mousy fellow probably meant well by warning him about being able to age anything he touches to dust with minimal contact. His words may have even hurt the kid's feelings a bit. All things considered though, Simon couldn't really bring himself to care. He was too busy keeping himself from going right up to Kayden and forcing the boy to touch him, just so he could see what would happen to him, wondering idly if he himself would be reduced to mere dust just like the glass. It's only when his sister chokes out a cough does his train of thought rights itself again, coaxing his gaze to the older woman with a sly smirk on his face. She took too big of a drag, he assumed, his voice weightless with a chuckle as he teases her, "I'm a bad influence on you."

Skylar replies with a heavenward roll of her eyes, clearing her throat as she stomps her heel into his toe once more but less aggressive than before. It was a warning, if you knew her as well as Simon did. It meant he'd better watch his tongue before she showed him what for. Simon opens his mouth to goad her further, only for an intruding party to place himself in the conversation. He isn't vexed by it though, not when the guy greets them with a bad pun and sends a suggestive wink in Skylar's direction.

With a grin that could give the Cheshire Cat a run for its money, Simon watches as his sister deflates, groaning inwardly at the flirtation when she'd been almost intrigued by a new face. From the aforementioned cheesy greeting forward, she pretty much tunes him out, leaving Simon to put on a friendly face.

"...-By the vay, my particular ability is that I create and control flame."

"Oh great," she retorts emphatically, "the answer to the question I never asked."

With a softening smile Simon rests a hand on his sister's shoulder, giving it a reassuring squeeze as he directs his attention to Wilhelm, giving the young man a smile that doesn't quite reach his eyes. "Don't mind her, Will. Have a sit." he says, patting the seat beside him. It doesn't come as a shock when Skylar whips her head around and gives him a look but he aptly ignores it, moving his hand from her shoulder to pull the pack of cigarettes from his jacket and offer the interloper one, "I'd offer you a light but I'm guessing you don't really need one."