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located in Trinity, a part of The Tale of Three Worlds- Before the Storm, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Dravon Morsano Character Portrait: Keyra Character Portrait: Elruin Halfin Character Portrait: Enuren
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Enuren followed the others silently. Her eyes roamed over the hall, the ‘people’ and their general surroundings. She found herself feeling extremely uneasy more so than when they had travelled underground. Everything here felt so unnatural. The perspective was off. The woman put a hand to her stomach as if it would somehow centre her.

Dravon’s odd sway in his walk told her that he too was not comfortable with the way the place toyed with ones perceptions. She was grateful that she was not the only one. For a moment she feared she was ill.

Enuren stepped through the opening, Keyra at her back. The woman looked drawn and on edge. Once again Enuren was glad she was not the only person affected by this place and what had gone on.

The sunlight made Enuren blink a few times. She noticed the desk, the people but the lack of other furniture was odd. She looked around with her eyes though kept her head focused forward. She felt trapped despite the large room. The presence of one of the nurses did nothing to ease her discomfort with this place.

The other woman looked at them and Enuren found herself instantly on edge as the woman took a very stiff position. Everything here is wrong. Nothing felt natural in this place and Enuren did not like it at all. The woman’s voice just added an eerie quality to the whole situation.

Enuren found herself wrapping her arms about her body as if protecting herself from some unknown and invisible entity.

She looked to Keyra who spoke, asking questions that Enuren too had been thinking. She watched as the Val stepped forward, demanding their things and an explanation. Enuren stepped in behind her offering a silent support.

Enuren looked at Elruin. “Alive or not they have our things and surely someone here is real and knows what is going on.”