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Season of Giving 2020

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Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅

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located in The Safe Haven, a part of In The Safe Haven, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Safe Haven

Welcome to The Safe Haven!


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Aaron Johnson

Aaron looked at Ismay as she spoke his name. It took her awhile to say something after that as he was ready for words. A brow raised up at her facts then he lowered his head a little bit. He felt a little sorry, just little bad for his words directed towards Simon and Skylar but he wasn't going to apologize just yet. Ismay made some good points, as she always do, about how he should really think before speaking next time. After Ismay's words, he couldn't really say anything since she did put him in his place. When she stated that the house was bigger than his ego, he couldn't help but chuckle himself then waited until she left to sigh and show the true sadness from within.

Aaron sighed again then shook his head while heading back up the stairs as well, shortly behind Ismay as his ears twitched at her question. "Maybe they left already." A smirk played across his lips as he folded his arms over his chest. His eyes turned towards Aliya then towards Kayden. "So, how did you guys sleep?" He'd ask them while sitting back down on the couch.

His mind suddenly drifted off as he thought about his first foster home and him not being accepted. He was brutalized with words almost everyday - Even gotten into a few fights. He has always defended himself and just wanted to see if the Faust siblings could do the same but he'd change his mind eventually. "Well, maybe we should all just step out for some fresh air." He insisted while jumping up from his seat position and began walking towards the terrace, where he heard voices.

"I think I found thing one and thing two, along with the human torch." He said while walking onto the terrace and looking at the Faust siblings along with William. His lips quirked up then his eyebrow raised up as he leaned back on the guardrail with his arms folded over his chest. "I think an apology is in order." He said towards William and the Faust siblings. "Someone made me realize that my words were also directed towards myself and very offensive." He bit his bottom lip as he was really about to apologize.

"So, I'm sor..." He chuckled while running his hand up and down along his neck, which is a rather nervous gesture. "I'm sor.." He huffed as his eyes rolled up and looked at the sky above then back down at them. "I'm sorry, okay? There I said, you all heard it and it is finalize." Another laugh escaped over his lips as he turned around to rest his arms on the guardrail as he waited for someone to say anything, which he knew was coming.