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Home of the Demons


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Yeuri was led through several different realms, or at least it felt that long. Despite his prior comments, the guards refused to let him walk on his own, and everyone seemed to want to hold onto a little piece of him. Hands clasped over his shoulders, arms, back, sides, etc. He was flattered, really, that they found him such a threat. And they were very right to be wary of him. Yeuri remained rather quiet throughout the journey, seeing as his words had been rather pointless thus far.

As Azrael looked back at him with a carefully hidden expression, Yeuri blinked once before baring his fangs in a smirk. ”See something you like?” He snorted derisively at his own comment, rolling his eyes but otherwise keeping very steady eye contact with the ruler of hell. As Satan motioned towards the wall, Yeuri’s eyes narrowed, furthermore when the guards started battering at him to get him to move towards it. Obviously it was some sort of fake wall or other. Before he was pushed through it, he glanced back over his shoulder with a harsh look of boredom, ”I expect an audience with you later, Azrael. I want to see this supposed ‘evidence’ you have against me.”

The guards led him through dark, dank hallways down the rather squeezed corridor, the six or so guards having to switch to a single-file line so that they could proceed through. Yeuri remained absolutely silent, his face void of expression and his jaw slack as he allowed himself to be cattle prodded through the place. Eventually they reached the end of the path, and it opened up before him into a massive cavern. A huge drop was set in the middle, one that held the many lower levels, no doubt. It was a rather unpleasant place. Slime, cobwebs, dirt, mildew, mold, and all sorts of other little lovely things clung to the skeleton gray walls among obsidian black rocks. Rather than breaching the pit, as he had expected, the guards led him up slanted paths, jagged crests, and over many different skeletal bits scattered about the area.

Eventually it seemed as if the guards simply figured that one particular level was finally good enough- either that or they were just tired of wandering around aimlessly, or so Yukon figured- and they ordered him to sit down on the ground near a particularly foul mass of what seemed to be flesh. Yeuri snorted with an authority-challenging look. Instead, as soon as the guards released him, he simply wandered over to the wall and leaned against it. At first the guards were obviously pissed at this, and had tried to force him to the ground, but Yeuri was done humoring them. If it weren’t for the fact that soundly kicking their asses would only make his situation worse, he would have put them in their places. He also figured that he could simply try to slip away, but that would give Satan a legitimate reason to want to keep him down here.

The guards didn’t leave him, either. Yeuri quirked an eyebrow at this. Were these poor sods expected to watch him for an eternity? Outside of a cage? A cage he wasn’t even in yet? Sucked to be them then if that were the case. They stood around for like twenty minutes, shifting around uncomfortably and seeming more and more agitated with each passing second. After about forty minutes, they grumbled loudly at each other, and some even slumped down to the ground, growing tired of standing for so long doing nothing. Yeuri was patient, his eyes seemingly closed but really cracked open just a bit to keep an eye on the other demons. These were supposed to be Satan’s royal guards? Yeuri chuckled darkly to himself at their expense. They were waiting for something, and after a while, Yukon allowed his mind to wander and wonder about just what it could be. He had heard whispers about Purgatory and what lay beneath it. It wasn’t an unknown subject, but Yeuri had not expected to find himself within its confines. At least not for a few more centuries, at least.

After an hour had passed, the guards stood and made a crescent around him, their faces shifting back into something serious and more apt for their position. It seemed finally something was about to happen. That something appeared seconds later, suddenly sitting cross-legged in front of the guards. Yeu’s eyes creaked open and he regarded the entity with a bit of interest, but not much. It seemed he had pushed himself from the wall at the exact same moment she had laid eyes on him. And then she was in front of him, seeming to have phased from one place to the next in the turn of a split second. Yeuri did not move an inch, didn’t even bat an eyelash at the display. As she craned her neck backwards to gaze up at his towering form, he crossed his arms comfortably and stared down at her, his eyes harsh, cold, and calculating. It had been awhile since anyone had dared to subject themselves to his mesmerizing gaze.

It seemed as though this creature was no different than the others, staring at him for a solid minute. He was unimpressed by the thing in front of him, and a bored look slowly began to seep to the surface of his face the longer the gaze lasted. Was this thing going to stare at him for an eternity now too? Then a bit of drool was beginning to dribble from the corner of her mouth, and Yeuri’s eyebrows knitted together in mild disgust and slight irritation. He was not something to be ogled at for very long.

However, with the escape of the fluid, it seemed that the entity realized that she had been staring, and snapped out of it, swallowing what had pooled in her mouth and wiping away what had escaped the confines of her lips. She turned to the guards swiftly, surprising one and causing the guard to flinch. Yeuri couldn’t help but let the wry little smirk spread across his lips for a second. Satan’s finest, apparently.

“Okidokie’s then! Now that that’s done with, can I take him now?” Hold up. With the chipper little voice that bounced from the girl’s face, all amusement fled from Yeu’s features to be replaced with a momentarily agonized disdain. He was dealing with the mind of a child.

“Please. Can I take him now? I haven’t had a traitor in such a long time. They’re the funniest people ever.” Yeuri’s eyes hardened once more. He was not a toy. He was not a jester. Poor thing would be so disappointed. The guards were quick to ditch him at that, and he bristled at their cowardice. The creature followed after them like a lost little puppy for a few yards before seeming to remember that he was still there. She whirled around with an excited grin.

“So shall I give you the tour of my home?” The being didn’t even wait for an answer and simply fluttered off in some direction or other. Yeuri held no expectation to even have to follow her. He could pretty well do whatever the hell he felt like at this point. He rolled his eyes, uncrossed his arms and shoved his hands into his pockets, and trailed after the direction in which the girl wandered off. When he had caught up with her, she chattered away over this pointless thing and that unimportant tidbit. She seemed to have to tell him every single little bit of no-one-gives-a-crap information about every little thing that existed in this domain. A pebble, a bone, some dust… it was annoying.

”Your home is disgusting. Your house-keeping skills suck.” He said bluntly, running a finger over the nearest wall to make his point. It turned up with all manner of disgusting bits of things. He slid it against her shoulder, ridding himself of the grime. She seemed never to shut up either, but Yeuri wasn’t always silent either. He was throwing snide comments at everything she showed him, and with every annoying question she asked him about being a ‘traitor’ Yukon didn’t deign to answer. However, the constant quipping about it finally drove him to the edge.

”I am not a traitor. Your owner is growing slow and paranoid. I have not been presented with any sort of evidence as to this supposed accusation, and it’s interfering with my job- the only reason I’m even mildly pissed off about this. And I am not just ‘mildly’ peeved.”

Eventually they came across some beast or other that was laying in the middle of their path. Thea went ahead and simply kicked the poor beast in the side with a giggle. Yeuri looked on in disdain, crossing his arms once more. The Lesser’s eyes blinked in a wave-formation, one right after another. Thea impatiently demanded that it move, which was utterly stupid. It was obvious that this particular creature was a sloth, and it would take it too long to process and then take up the task of bringing its lumbering bulk into the air and shift it over. And just like Yukon figured, she did not give it any time whatsoever. Instead she kicked it right in the eyes- a sensitive part of the beast no doubt, especially considering it was practically made up of eyeballs.

As a natural reaction to being attacked, the beast suddenly switched into a fighting mindset, and shifted about as it prepared to lunge at her. Despite its previous sluggishness, it launched itself forward and latched its jaws around the girl’s legs. Thea was unfazed, and simply hopped back once, suddenly speaking in a cheery tone, “You naughty thing, you should know better than to bite me.” Then she was gone, manipulating the area around her to utterly destroy the beast.

While Yeuri held no particular sympathy towards other creatures, especially Lessers, he was rather unimpressed. It was obvious she had known of the slow beast, and had allowed it to make a home here, yet she acted as if she had no idea of how it behaved. She turned to look at him, and his eyes glanced over her form for a moment, a bored look on his face. He was then led down another hall and they came to a stop in front of an open cell. “Well this is your new home now. If you’re being killed just scream.” Yukon rolled his eyes. He had grown ever so tired of the creature’s presence and unimaginative comments.

”Like hell.” He spoke bluntly, and by his tone it was obvious that he had no intentions of accepting or doing anything that she had just said. This was not his home; it wouldn’t even be his dwelling place for very long. He wasn’t about to get killed by the weaker things in this dungeon, and Inferno itself would freeze over before he ever screamed.

”Just go find someone else to bother. Sorry to have disappointed you- I’m rather boring.” As Thea turned and walked away, Yeuri let out a begrudged sigh, running a hand through his hair. Well, he had things to do and set up, so it was best that he got started. It was strange that the girl had left him and just expected him to enter the cell himself while she was gone.

After a few hours had passed and Yukon had cleaned up the cell rather nicely, imbedding several small things that seemed of little importance in the walls along the way. Yeuri was right in the middle of exercising, shirt off and folded neatly off to one corner as he propped himself up with one arm, his legs resting against the wall as he did a sort of handstand. He was running push-ups and while normally might try to do them without the support of a wall, was using such to curl his toes and stretch the muscles in his foot arches almost painfully. But he suddenly paused as the air seemed to change. He knew immediately that she had appeared.

Yeu carefully dismounted from the wall and stood up, stretching a bit and rubbing at each foot for a moment to ease off the tension that had locked into them. He was not kept waiting long as the entity reappeared in front of the door, his Mistress in tow. He stood from his seat on an outjutting bit of rock against the far wall, standing at attention as Bavol entered his cell.

Thea said something or other, which the both of them utterly ignored, the Princess waving her off impatiently as she passed the door and closed it tight behind her. Their eyes met for a moment and Yeuri dipped his head in greeting and respect, ”Mistress~” She did not waste time in closing the distance between them, and Yeuri stiffened for a small moment as she wrapped her arms around his abdomen and drew him into a hug. He immediately eased and wrapped one arm loosely around her neck, letting his other hand rest on the top of her head protectively and running his fingers through it for a few centimeters before withdrawing.

Once Bavol had released him, she then stood on her tip-toes and ruffled his ash-grey hair affectionately. Yeuri’s face scrunched up at that and he stuck his tongue out a little bit at her, grabbing her hand gently and removing it from his hair. It was then that a sudden outpouring of words left her lips, and Yeuri listened intently to every one of them, and as she sat down on the rock, he joined her. ”I know they’re all lying! Vincent says you’re a traitor and has convinced Satan that your opposing him -- he even has proof, but it can‘t be true?" Yeu chuckled softly at that, and placed a hand on top of her head once again to ground her back to reality.

”No, it is not true. Heavens know my time is completely occupied with handling you, so there would not have been time to do anything that they accuse me with. And damn, if I had known Vincent would be this pissed off about me breaking those doors, I would have done a lot more damage~” He smirked with a twinkle of mischief in his eyes, making a bit of a joke about the whole thing.

"I hope they’re not treating you too badly. I wish I could break you out of here and be more helpful. I'm supposed to be a princess and yet I can't even help you." Her hand was then close to his face, a finger tracing the outline of his left cheek and thus tilting his head to look a bit more at her. He grabbed her hand and held it in his own larger on, his other coming up to her jaw, his thumb and index resting between her chin as he angled her face up to look at him.

”It is my job to look after you, not the other way arround, Mistress,” He gave her a reassuring, though harsh-featured grin before continuing, ”Other than being bored as hell, I’m rather ignored and just trying to entertain myself here.” He dropped his hand from her chin, brushing a bit of hair from her eyes before resting both palms against the smooth surface of the rock below them.

His features suddenly stilled and a very serious look filled his face. ”Gore?” He questioned, concerned about how his familiar was handling the situation and if he had grown depressed yet. Along those thoughts, he inclined his head a bit to his Mistress, his eyes suddenly scanning over her form, searching for something. ”Did you bring it with you?”