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Season of Giving 2020

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Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅

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located in The Safe Haven, a part of In The Safe Haven, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Safe Haven

Welcome to The Safe Haven!


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Character Portrait: Ismay La Wolfe Character Portrait: Aaron Johnson Character Portrait: Simon Faust Character Portrait: Skylar Faust Character Portrait: Aliya Zypher Character Portrait: Wilhelm Von Faringhsten Character Portrait: Kayden Sirrel Character Portrait: Lily Piervencenti
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" It would be hard to trust the girl who seemed as if she were Alice in wonderland herself."

"No idea, I try not to keep tabs on everyone. I think Wilhelm went to say hello however" spoke Aliya, perking up the slightly tired Ismay.

"I see." She mumbled, slinking back deeper into the comfy floofed up couch. Ismay idly twiddle her fingers, thinking of what to say, or rather what to do. She really didn't want to seem nosy as to go find the three, intruding on whatever the hell they were really doing. But she had a natural curiosity about her, so it was hard for her not to find them and see how everything was going, especially considering the recent streak of some of the house mates not getting along. That however, should really be none of her business. She always tried too hard to be a peace keeper. Another reason she most often didn't show of her true nature of curiosity was that everyone in the home knew of her power, the exception currently being Simon and Skylar, and she really didn't like to seem as if she was being invasive most of the time. It would be hard to trust the girl who seemed as if she were Alice in wonderland herself. Trying to find where people were- well, it seemed a bit invasive. At least to her it did. So, deciding to cross of that venture of her list, she went and continued on to the next thought in her head,

Where the hell is Lily?

Arising from the seat, without as so much of a peep as she often never gave, she vamoosed out of the room, off to go find the blonde headed girl. She figured she would most likely still be in her room, fast asleep. Despite not really wanting to wake her up, it would be alright enough just to tap on the door and inform her that the new arrivals were in the house, as not to give her a shock if she walked around and happened to wander right to them, without even a clue as to who they where. Approaching her door, Ismay tapped lightly on it, but hard enough that the small knock it gave off would stir the girl awake. Calling through the door, she said "Hey Lily, Simon and Skylar are here. Just thought I'd let you know." and dropped her hand, which had previously been resting softly on the white paint chipped door. Waiting a few seconds, to no reply, she left, going farther down the hall way. Opening up her door as to see if she were really in there would be most regrettably rude, so Ismay went to go do a single lap around the first floor, seeing if she were anywhere. Just as she was about to turn the corner, she heard the not so low hush of voices, coming from outside. The walls were already ridiculously thin in context, despite them being practically made of stone.

Walking out the door in which led to the outside terrace, her eyes caught hold of those who had been missing, Aaron seeming to have joined the three. Only issue was, it seemed as if Wilhelm really wasn't pleased that the blonde haired boy had approached. She could easily see the German boy getting mad, and she had a clear image as to what would happen next if his power caught control. She had only just caught the last section of there argument. Ismay preferred that the outside plants didn't turn to ash, so she decided to speak up, in the form of clearing her throat as if to catch just enough attention.

Turning to Aaron, she asked the boy, "Aaron, do you mind grabbing me some more Tylenol. It's in my side drawer, or there's some in the kitchen." This was an obvious gesture for an out for the boy. She didn't really knew what the hell had happened between them at this point, and she really wasn't going to ask. She just tried to separate them. She really didn't want the house to burn down. Glancing away from Aaron, and unto Wilhelm, she offered up a small smile, and asked him, "You okay? It helps to count your breaths and focus your attention to a single thing. That, or you could throw the flower pot to your left and break it. Just don't uh, throw it at a person." She laughed slightly, reaching hand instinctively to rub her back slightly, the scar on her right shoulder tingling from the memory of her angry foster parent who chucked a see green glass bottle at her. God was she bad at breaking tension.

Leaning against the outside wall, she dropped her hand, waiting for any sort of response. In the mean time, Ismay found herself creating an simple mind link with Kayden. "What in the bloody hell happened in the living room?" She questioned. She felt a little more free to talk to Kayden through that. She, however, only did it when it seemed important. Anyone else and she wouldn't even dare.