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located in The Safe Haven, a part of In The Safe Haven, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Safe Haven

Welcome to The Safe Haven!


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It was beginning to feel like today would test Kayden. Everyday was a little harder than the last, to be sure, when you bore a burden as heavy as Kayden's. However, that was why he and May had started their Haven, to ease their burdens. For some, their powers were freedom incarnate, they could do whatever they wanted, go wherever they wanted. Kayden's powers were a yoke, binding him to his shame, and holding him within the terror of their grasp. Kayden felt his head loll back against the top of the couch cushions as he listened to Aliya's response. His hands rose slowly, stopping only once they reached his face, and he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. Though he appeared off in his own world, Kayden was listening. He always listened when people spoke, even if his attention was elsewhere. Kayden felt a smile curl his lips as Aliya spoke. She was kind to him, and never tried to push his buttons. While Kayden didn't mind the occasional jibe from Aaron, he truly appreciated Aliya's gentleness with him, if only because it catered so well to Kayden's near crippling shyness. "Well, it can always get worse. The day is still young. I think you did fine," she told him before thinking for a moment. Kayden felt his lips pull back across his teeth as his timid smile grew ever more courageous. "Thanks," he quipped in response, more chuckling than speaking. Aliya continued, and once more, Kayden listened. "Things will work themselves out, they just got here. Give them a few hours to calm down and not be so...on edge." She offered sagely. Kayden's hands found their way back down to his lap, and he lifted his head off the couch to gaze at Aliya. "You know, you're absolutely right. This place is a lot to take in, even when you're not being assaulted with conversation or things you didn't need to know, let alone spending, very nearly, a whole day on an airplane." Kayden said simply, allowing the wisdom in her words to end their short conversation. Not wanting to make things awkward, Kayden let his head loll back against the couch once more, and between himself and Aliya, a few moments of lax, comfortable, silence passed without the need to stuff them full of useless chatter.

As he sat, however, Kayden worries returned to him. Whispering madness in his ears the demons taunted Kayden. He'd shown them his power, for what, to scare them? To warn them? Not like it would do much good. If Kayden wanted to, he could obliterate everyone and everything that stood before him. His powers... no, his curse, was far too wicked to be redeemed with a simple warning. Even if that were enough to save them from Kayden, why should he care? Why should he be nice to them? Sure he'd wanted to save them, so they wouldn't end up like him, but were they really all that grateful? Simon had insulted him, and their home. Skylar looked like she wanted to strangle him if his dangerous powers got anywhere near her little brother, and the pair of them were less than enthusiastic about coming here in the first place. Was he really capable of redeeming himself like this? Would a life like his, stained red with blood, be capable of redemption? As his worries and fears plagued him, Kayden felt a lump of disgust harden in the pit of his stomach. What good was he doing here anyway? Sure he was keeping his dangerous powers away from innocent people, but was he doing these people any good? What if he hurt them? Shame crept into Kayden's blood, sending shivers of ice cold doubt racing up and down his spine.

Kayden needed to stop this, his powers reacted to his negativity. If he kept this up, he'd end up ruining more furniture. Just as Kayden was about to get up and return to his room, he stopped himself. His eyes snapped open and he arched his back, looking towards the sound of rustling clothes, and the gentle pattering of May's footsteps approaching him. Coming to stand next to Kayden, May gave a small smile, and Kayden felt his worries vanish. It was like they'd never existed. She seemed to be the only one who Kayden could feel this relaxed with. Maybe it was the deep bonds of friendship they shared, cultivated from the years they'd spent travelling together. Perhaps instead, it was the openness of their relationship. They each knew that they could always come to the other in times of trouble to find a listening ear, a crying shoulder, and a helping hand. It might have been those things, in fact, it was probably all of them, but Kayden knew it was more than just that. Kayden liked the others well enough, but he loved Ismay. He loved her like he imagined he might have loved a sister. Kayden trusted her, more than he'd ever trusted anyone else, and she trusted him just as much. They hadn't spent a very long time together, but they were perfectly comfortable with each other. Kayden knew that she would always have his back, and he knew she would always come to him whenever she needed help, no matter how trivial it seemed.

Trying his hardest to smile back, Kayden knew that she didn't by his ruse for even a second. She could read him like a book, and instantly noticed the feelings of guilt, and almost sickness, that hid in the smile on his face. β€œHey Kay, are you alright?” She asked, concern washing over her face as it did at times. Kayden felt himself start to scowl. She did always like to hover over him. Kayden had learned to accept that about her though. After all, he was the first person she'd ever met who was special like her. He could only assume that she knew how fully he gave himself in to their relationship. He trusted her even more than she could trust herself, even more than Kayden trusted himself. Their bonds were different from the ones they'd shared with the others. It was complicated, and thinking about it made Kayden's head hurt. Replying to her question, Kayden shook his head no, but he smiled valiantly for her. "I showed Skylar and Simon my powers, like I do for all the newbies." Those few, simple words, were all Kayden said, but May knew better. She knew how much he hated his powers, how much he loathed using them. However, she also knew that his heart was so boundlessly compassionate, that he'd gladly sacrifice his own happiness to show the newcomers what they were dealing with. After all, better safe than sorry, no matter how much Kayden hated showing off. Fortunately, for Kayden anyway, she merely gave him that look and dropped the subject. Kayden scowled playfully, he knew she'd want to talk to him about it later. Changing the subject, which Kayden silently thanked her for, Ismay spoke up one again. β€œWhere’d everyone go?” She questioned, directing her thoughts at both him and Aliya. As Aliya responded, May strode over to one of the many couches in the living room and sitting on the two seated couch, bringing her legs up with her as she hugged them to her chest. Kayden only nodded.

Just as soon as May got a chance to sit, she remembered Lily, another resident of the Haven, and got up from her spot to go find her. Kayden sighed, his eyes following after Ismay's bouncing hair as she practically skipped off in the direction of Lily's room. "When she gets like that, even just looking at her makes me feel tired." Kayden joked, though his tone was somewhat wistful. He remembered when it was just the two of them, and now, their house was full of May's not-so-willing children. She was barely older than most of these kids, yet somehow she ended up being everyone's mom, sometimes even Kyden's. The house simply wouldn't run if May left. Kayden couldn't keep it together if she tried. May's tireless efforts were the glue that held the Haven together. Kayden was simply here to protect them from the cruelty of the outside word. His role was one that could only be undertaken in the shadows cast off by May's eternal brightness. May was the mother of the Haven, but Kayden was its protector, soaking up all the negativity the house could possibly create, shielding it from the hatred of the human world, and unleashing his devastating abilities only if the situation called for his overwhelming power. Kayden couldn't help but sigh once more. The only thing he was any good for around here was the one thing he hated most about himself. Go figure.

The pregnant silence created by Ismay's departure only swelled in her absence, and though Kayden wasn't uncomfortable, he was far too lost in his thoughts, even he could tell that Aliya was getting bored. Just as he was about to make some attempt at conversation, Kayden stopped. Something had caught his ear. Even from the living room Kayden could hear Wilhelm's angry tones, laced so heavily with his native German accent. Kayden sighed, making to stand up, so as to go find May and defuse the situation. As he got up, he heard Aliya's snide remark. "Never a boring day here it seems," Aliya jested, and Kayden laughed. "You know, I find myself waiting for the quiet days, but they never seem to find us. Oh well," he lamented, only half joking. As Kayden made his way towards the racket, he watched May race out to the situation to confront it, and with that taken care of, Kayden went back to the living room to sit back down with Aliya.

Returning to his spot on the couch, Kayden shared what he'd learned with a quizzical Aliya, who Kayden only assumed was wondering why he'd come back so soon after leaving. "May was headed in that direction already," Kayden said simply. "We all know she's better at dealing with those kinds of situations than I am." Though it was a bit of a dig at himself, Kayden didn't mind. His sense of humor wouldn't exist without pitiful jokes made at his own expense. As he allowed himself to relax, he felt the familiar touch of Ismay's mind linking up with his own, and he smiled. He put both his pointer fingers on their respective temples and closed his eyes, the Haven's universal, "I'm talking with Ismay don't bug me right now," posture. Aliya would get what it meant, and Kayden resolved to tell her what he'd discussed with May afterwards.

The sensation of the link was pleasant for Kayden. He wasn't sure quite why, but it was probably just nostalgia. Kayden often looked back on the first time Ismay had shared her powers with him with a certain degree of fondness. It was the first time anyone had ever done anything like that for Kayden. Even more so, it was the first time anyone had ever reached out to Kayden with any degree of genuine friendship. When he really thought about it, Kayden had to guess that he really just liked feeling connected to May. When May was linked with him, Kayden knew that, in that moment, without a shadow of doubt, that he wasn't alone. At first it had scared Kayden. The connection wasn't jut an abstract concept, it was something he could interact with. Even worse, he'd seen what the mind link could do when May was angry. She'd used her power to put fully grown men on the ground in seconds, writhing in agony without her so much as lifting a finger. Kayden remembered a twisted sort of pride when he watched it happen for the first time. Nowadays, however, whenever May connected their minds, it usually just signaled that she wanted to have a private chat. In a house swiftly filling up with more and more people, it was almost the only way they could ever get time to themselves anymore.

"What in the bloody hell happened in the living room?" Ismay asked Kayden through the link, and Kayden sighed, both mentally and physically. "I only caught the butt end of it, but this is what I saw." When he'd finished explaining his thought process, Kayden concentrated on his memories of the altercations that took place in the Kitchen and Living Room. He was sure it wasn't the full picture, but it was better than nothing. Having collected his memories, Kayden simply sent them across the link, for Ismay to view. She'd get a much better understanding from watching Kayden's memories than from what Kayden could explain with words. "Thing is, I can get why the siblings are grumpy with Aaron, but I'm not sure what's put Willy's knickers in a twist." Kayden explained across the link. "You'll probably have to ask him or Aaron about it." As Kayden finished his explanation, he kept half of his attention on the link, but opened his eyes and smirked at Aliya. "Sorry," Kayden began. "The wife's wondering why the kids are fighting..." Kayden joked, finishing somewhat lamely, and donning an expression as if he couldn't tell if he was trying to make a joke or not.