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Season of Giving 2020

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Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅

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located in The Safe Haven, a part of In The Safe Haven, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Safe Haven

Welcome to The Safe Haven!


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Character Portrait: Ismay La Wolfe Character Portrait: Aaron Johnson Character Portrait: Simon Faust Character Portrait: Skylar Faust Character Portrait: Wilhelm Von Faringhsten Character Portrait: Lily Piervencenti
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Things went from bad to worse in a manner of seconds. One moment the siblings had managed to escape the lunacy inside the house so they could smoke their cigarettes in peace, and the next they were right back in the pandemonium. Trouble followed the pair wherever they went it seemed, Haven was to be no exception. Aaron had come to make his spurious apologies and the German had taken offense at his words, though why, Skylar couldn't be sure. It wasn't as if the apology was aimed in his direction. Perhaps their was already a preexisting rivalry between them both? She looked on with a with mild amusement, content to watch the boys square off, that was until Wilhem's contentious personality only sought to dose gasoline on his incendiary powers. Flames licked at his hand, racing up his forearm at an alarming rate. Her nervous gaze flitted back to Simon behind her. It wouldn't do well to have her baby brother incinerated on their first day there. She placed a hand on his narrow chest and pushed him backward a couple of steps, moving with him out of the line of 'fire'. She warred with intervening when Ismay appeared above them, the balconies apparently being the preferred distance from those who you sought to address around here. "Aaron, do you mind grabbing me some more Tylenol. It's in my side drawer, or there's some in the kitchen." She called down, before turning her attention to Wilhem. "You okay? It helps to count your breaths and focus your attention to a single thing. That, or you could throw the flower pot to your left and break it. Just don't uh, throw it at a person." Sky scoffed, grateful the girl had stepped in when she did, but these people were worse off that her brother and herself combined.

"...Come on Link, let's go...unpack or something." She suggested quietly. "We should give him a few minutes to calm down." She knew her brother would probably retort with some ironic play on words about how things were 'just heating up', but she hadn't the patience to deal with any of this. She snaked her hand around his bicep and tugged. "I mean it, let's just go." At this juncture, she was considering leaving Haven altogether. Maybe coming there had been a mistake in the first place. Skylar was eaten up with regret at having ask Simon to come there at all, it was obvious no one here could help them let alone themselves. The only purpose this place served was to section them off from the rest of the normal populous it seemed, which efficaciously kept the mundanes safe but did nothing to aid those who had no control over their powers. This could all be discussed and hashed out in the privacy of their bedrooms though, away from the prying eyes and ears of the Haven residents.