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located in The Safe Haven, a part of In The Safe Haven, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Safe Haven

Welcome to The Safe Haven!


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"You have to be quite heavily invested in someone to
do them the honour of telling them you're
annoyed with them."
โ€” Alain de Botton

To be honest, Simon had checked out the moment Wilhelm sat at his side. He offered a perfunctory nod of encouragement while the foreigner rambled on, doing naught to pay attention to what he was saying because he couldn't understand a word of his little spiel. For the most part he just blocks Wilhelm out, the sound of his voice nothing more than white noise. It's a slow pitfall into apathy that he stands no chance against. That is, until the voice of a certain tow-headed douche demands the attention of the three. Simon turns in his seat on the brick steps with utter insouciance, cocking a brow at the house nuisance as he stood atop the balcony. "Someone made me realize that my words were also directed towards myself and very offensive. Erin says, coaxing Simon to roll his eyes. I'm sorry, okay? There I said, you all heard it and it is finalize." It's finalize? Simon thinks, restraining a laugh through a thin lipped smile before turning his back on the man without a word. He takes a long drag of his cigarette, barely finishing the thing before Wilhelm stands and goes off without rhyme or reason. Not that Simon wasn't amused, mind you. In fact, once the foreigner's arms are engulfed in flame, he flicks his cigarette butt into the fire and laughs when it's reduced to ash in seconds. Skylar pulls him up to his feet in a second, placing herself between him and the foreign. It's impressive considering Wilhelm was sat between them but not surprising. Simon would wager that she didn't even realized she'd done it. When his sister's eyes flick back to him, he sees the fear in her gaze; how she pictures him burning alive right in front of her. He gives her a look that screams, "I'd rather you not picture me dying so many times in one day, thanks. I do enough of that on my own." but it doesn't register. She's too relieved to see brown eyes accompanying Erin on the balcony asking for headache medicine. With another heavenward ascension of his eyes, Simon releases a drawn out sigh and shakes another cancer stick out of its pack, using the dying flames on Wilhelm's arms to light it as his sister tries to console him.

"...Come on Link, let's go...unpack or something." Skylar says to him as she inches closer, whispering up into his ear though he was almost a foot taller. "We should give him a few minutes to calm down." Simon grins around his coffin nail, holding it between his teeth as an obvious pun practically screams to be spoken. Her response is too pull him away by his bicep, repeating herself and barely giving him the chance to pick up their bags before they're moving away from the resident hothead.

"Stay hot, Will." With a two-fingered salute and a wink, Simon allows himself to be escorted away from all of the commotion. Seriously, Simon was exhausted. All this conversation was sending him into an early grave more so than the chain smoking ever could. "Let's hope none of them get the bright idea to follow." he mutters begrudgingly, polishing off half of his cigarette before snuffing it out on the grass as he spares a brief glance at the scene over his shoulder. "...and I thought I had problems." With their bags in one hand and another on the small of his sister's back, Simon walks them around the side of the house, stumbling through unfamiliar territory. Skylar remained silent, lost in thought no doubt. Simon let her be, offering the comforting weight of his arm around her shoulders to ease her way.

Simon doesn't know how his sister knew where their bedroom was, but he didn't. Instead he led them through the backyard, eyes flitting about the scattered trees for one that would grant them a few minutes of privacy. He barely sees the blonde girl sitting down with her easel as they pass, norโ€”he'd wagerโ€”does she see him. It's by mere happenstance that his gaze falls on a patch of grass several paces forward only to land on a lone pastel resting amongst the blades. "Hold up a minute, Skyfall." he says, placing their bags on the ground and ushering his sister to a stop. He bends at the waist to pick up the abandoned hue, gesturing to Skylar to give him a moment before slowly jogging to the girl with the easel. He wasn't like most of these people here at Haven who needed to show off their powers all at once, he could walk. Gingerly placing it at her side he waits a moment for her gaze to rise before he offers her a soft smile, sparing a glance at what was on her easel. It wasn't much but, from what he saw, it showed a lot of promise. "Looks good so far," he tells her, offering her another smile before taking his leave with a resigned wave.

With a light-footed run, he meanders back to his sisters side, motioning with his head towards the farthest edge of the backyard before picking up their bags once more. When they final arrive, he moves them behind one of the bushes and sits himself on the grass, sitting their bags at his side, "Alright spill," he sighs, "What's on your mind?"