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located in Tier Lumina, a part of Crossing Blades, one of the many universes on RPG.

Tier Lumina

"The Capital city is a place of peace for my people... that at least should never change." ~ King Crucible


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Character Portrait: Yohana Haruna Saiko
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"Why the glum look chum? I don't see any o' the fangs around and t'me that's a good 'nuf reason to be smiling."

Yohana Haruna Saiko looked up from his tired and slumped expression, he was sitting at a bar and inn in Tier Lumina... a place by the name of "The Lumina Retreat". The place seemed rather old, most buildings in Tier Lumina were crafted from polished white stone that made the city shine out in the wilderness like a beacon reflecting even the smallest shred of light... but this place was different. It was a plain old place in one of the cities poorer districts and it was made of old spruce wood if he had to take a guess. The inside decor was no different, wooden walls with hunting trophies on the wall... mostly the heads of monsters by the looks of things. Yo had noticed the head of a rather large wyvern mounted at a central position in the tavern... he had to assume that that was the places most prized kill as it seemed really over-glorified being mounted alone above the only non-wooden thing in the building, a stone hearth and fire.

Yo himself was sitting on an old yet admittedly comfortable stool, there was a glass of water half drunken by himself to his left. The inn had been very kind to travelers and once the bartender had heard of his position as a Chosen he had offered him a place to stay the night and some glasses of water to perk him up... all free of charge. Yo had to wonder why the establishment was so nice to him as a chosen... but it wasn't that hard to figure out. The King was rumored not to like Chosen too much and from Yo had heard the Lumina Fang didn't respond too kindly to them either. However, The Lumina Retreat, as the bartender and owner had told him, was a very anti-fang establishment. Being on the rougher side of the city and not getting too many visits from the totalitarian guard meant that the bar owner could observe and see the Fangs for what they really were...a bunch of bullies.

By that logic, the enemy of their enemy was their friend... and if the Lumina Fang weren't too fond of the chosen, then The Lumina Retreat would welcome them with open arms.

Despite all of that helping him out, Yo couldn't help but fee rather depressed. He didn't know what he had expected to happen upon arriving in Tire Lumina... maybe a sign would appear? Or perhaps the Soulstone would speak to him again? Regardless.. Yo had at the very least expected something to happen that would give him SOME sort of clue as to what to do next.

But no... nothing had happened. He had arrived in the city and that was that. Had the Soulstone been referring to a DIFFERENT city of Light? Was there EVEN a different city of light? Scratching his head in frustration Yo looked up to the bartender slash owner of The Lumina Retreat and spoke.

"I suppose you could say I'm just a bit lost at the moment... unsure of what to do next.

The bartender crossed his arms and tilted his head as if thinking. He was a large and gruff mean, with tanned skin and a shaved head, his features were chiseled and he had a big bushy brown beard on his chin that he stroked often, his most defining feature however was the eyepatch he wore. It was a simple black patch that covered his right eye and Yo had decided that it would have been a wiser decision to not mention it.

"Huh... yeah 'suppose yer in a bit of a pickle... 'bein "chosen" by the bloody Soulstone and given some daft clue 'bout the city 'ere must be rather annoyin'"

Yo took a swig of water and proceeded to hold his chin in his hand like a schoolboy bored by his lessons.

"You don't know the half of it..."

With a yawn Yo stretched back and loosened his muscles, stiff from traveling all of the way from Rathalos to Tier Lumina by foot, Rebirth shook gently in its scabbard as Yo resumed his sitting position. The bartender pondered another moment and stroked his beard again.

"Well hey, Tier Lumina's a big ol' place, y'know? Maybe you was sent 'ere to find someone special? Er... maybe t'here a rumor er story that's send you on yer way? Askin' around can't hurt now can it?"

Yo sighed and finished his water. He knew the old bartender was right and that sitting around wasn't getting him any closer to his goal... but asking everyone in the damn city about what to do?! That would take way longer than the fragile peace of Tarantia had... there had to be something he was missing.

"Damn it all... I guess saving the World won't be as easy as I might have thought."