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located in Tier Lumina, a part of Crossing Blades, one of the many universes on RPG.

Tier Lumina

"The Capital city is a place of peace for my people... that at least should never change." ~ King Crucible


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Character Portrait: Manji Takezo
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"Ah geez... Look at how many guards there are at the gate," Manji scratches his head in frustration, "Its as if they're expecting someone."

He was scouting the area from afar; things were looking pretty grim, getting into Tier Lumina unnoticed will be difficult. He could probably think of something if he had more time, but whatever made him come here told him that he had to be inside today. There were many problems with simply walking through the gate: First off, Manji was a wanted man by the Lumina Fang, he's unsure if they would recognize him; Second the soul weapons on his back, does the Lumina Fang know of the existence of Soul Blades? If they did, they would probably want them. He cursed that unknown power that lead him here, he had been living so detached from the outside world, and all of a sudden he's back inside it. Perhaps he should take a gamble and walk through, there's potential that'll it'll end up saving him a lot of effort in the long run.

The blood moon was looming closer so the the usual stream of people entering the city was many times greater than normal, it was probably the best time to try to slip in unnoticed.

"Welp planning stage over, time to act."

Slipping into the line at the gate that was furthest from the Lumina Fang headquarters, Manji's travel worn look fit in with the peasants. After a while he finally arrived at the checkpoint where the guards were identifying people and checking their belongings; sometimes they snagged an item they fancied disregarding the complaints of the owners. He'll probably have to bribe them to get through... When it was Manji's turn to be inspected, the guard in charge of identifying looked at Manji's face and showed no signs of recognition. The guard had a boyish look about him, probably around 17 years old, and not affected by the corruption of the Lumina Fang.

"Hah rookie."

Manji was pretty infamous back in the day while he was in the guard and while on the run for being extremely ruthless, guess this guard hasn't joined for very long.

"You new to this boy?"

Surprised at the question, the young guard earnestly replied,

"Y-Yes, I joined so I could protect my family and the motherland! "

Meanwhile, the other guards were inspecting Manji's paired normal blades.

Damn fine blades these are! Where'd yuh get em? These have gotta be worth a small fortune!"

Shit... He knew this would happen,

"My geezer of a master handed them down to me when he passed away." This was true, Manji inherited the blades from the corpse he found in the mountain, which also led him to the path of a true swordsman.

The guard holding his blades took the katana out of it's sheath and took a few practice swings at Manji; Manji pretended to flinch.

"Hahhahaha I like em, mind if I borrow em for a lil while? Hey, what are them wrapped you're wearing on yuh back?"Image

Putting on his bashful act, Manji replied,

"Hhahahhaha sir, you jest. A blade is a swordsman's lifeline, you can't take them from me, how will I earn my food? And these are just uhm... some dried fish from my mother back home, they smell pretty bad so I wouldn't touch them, the smell takes a week to get off." The guard didn't waver his desire to inspect Manji's other belongings, so he had no choice but to act... "EEEEEEEEEXCUUUUUSE MEEEEEEE," Manji unsheathes his short wakizashi that the guard was holding, impales him in his stomach, and giving it a little twist. The guard's face was wide with terror and pain, his mouth agape but no scream could be heard. "I'll be taking my swords back if you don't mind, but you can have my wakizashi if you want. Oops nevermind, I'll need this one too." Manji slashes the short blade that was embedded in the guard's belly and it exits through his side to decapitate another guard that was approaching Manji with his weapon drawn.

The gate was in chaos as guards scurried around confused as to what happened; no one had dared to break into Tier Lumina before, especially through the front door(well this was more of a side door). Having retrieved both his swords, Manji skillfully weaved through the mob of guards and slashed through them; they were like bumbling babies compared to the master swordsman.

Many claim to be a jack of all trades... Manji was not a jack of all trades, but a master of one: master of the blade.