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The Land of Tarantia

"The open wilds are a dangerous place, monsters, bandits, Lumina Fangs and worst of all, me! Haha!" ~ Naga


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Focus. Arn told himself firmly. You have a purpose. He walked through the streets of Tier Lumina nervously. he had never been in a city this large before. Even the smaller towns he had been in during the couple of months away from Ryozanpaku had been a bit of a shock for him, and now he was practically lost in this labyrinth of buildings. it felt to him as though this was one huge test of his resolve. Temptations surrounded him, and the bustle of the crowds kept pushing him around aimlessly. With every nudge, he smiled and apologized. One top of the physical distractions, He could feel the ki of the surrounding people, their emotions making his head fuzzy, and he became somewhat sick. Anger, fear, discontent, desire, greed, joy, sorrow, and more bombarded him. Within thirty minutes of entering the city, Arn had completely lost his sense of direction, and could not recall how he got to his current location.

Needing to get off the street, he ducked into tavern after tavern until he finally found one that did not smell of rotten food or mildew. He took a deep breath and shut out the street behind him. he sat down at the bar, smiling to the girl behind the counter. He did have some money, as he had learned that he needed to earn wages to survive during his travels. So he paid her for a meal of roasted chicken and a cup of wine. Sitting quietly, he listened to the others at the bar. Although he did come here to get off the street, and rest his mind, he did have another reason. He needed information about the Chosen, who were rumored to be gathering in Tier Lumina. Ever since leaving his home, Arn was constantly surprised at how little people knew about the Soulstone. However he soon learned of the Chosen, a relatively new phenomenon that had not reached his home yet. It seemed that they has surfaced shortly after the shadow fell and the fountain ceased flowing. It seemed to all be connected. And thus finding a Chosen had become his new priority. he followed rumors of them gathering at the capital, and had followed suit. He doubted that they would be easy to find, and he had to be careful about believing what he heard as honestly was heartbreakingly not as respected as it was in Ryozanpaku. But he had little choice, and did not want to draw too much attention to himself by asking questions.

His eavsdropping did not bear much at first, but soon the rumors he had followed were backed up. "I hear they are gathering here." Arn barely made out from a couple men a few meters away. Focusing his attention, he tried to block out the other noise. "Yeah, and have you seen any for yourself?" The other asked sarcastically.
"I might have, so you might have as well!"
"Yeah, just like you might have seen the King strolling down the streets in disguise."
"No, it it more than that and you know it!" the first said indignantly. "They don't try to hide, they just look like everyone else!"
"But why would they all be coming here? wouldn't it make more sense for those with their power to be spread out, fighting the creatures elsewhere, instead of gathering at the most well defended city in the world?"
"True, but they are the Chosen. They know things we don't. I am sure there is a reason behind it."
"Awful faithful to the alleged 'Soulstone' aren't you?" The second man replied skeptically.
"Well, there is no proof that it doesn't exist. There has to be a source to the Chosen's power."
"Well if there is a Soulstone, I don't see why it can't just destroy the monsters already."
"Yes, and bring about world peace, and make horses shit gold too, while its at it." The man rolled his eyes.
"Well if it can, I don't see why not."

After that, the conversation drifted more and more, until Arn realized that he wouldn't get any actual information, other than a possible confirmation of his purpose being here. Just as he was about to take leave, and venture out into the unwelcoming street, the girl behind the counter spoke. "Planning on staying the night?" She asked, while taking his empty plate and cup.
"Not quite sure yet." He smiled back. "So is it that obvious that I am not from here?"
"You look like a cat cornered by a pack of dogs, love." She laughed.
He joined her laugh at the joke, and sighed. "Yes, I am not too fond of such a large and crowded place. My home had an all of around 50 people."
"Is that where you got those clothes as well?" she giggled again.
Arn was wearing the same clothes that most at Ryozanpaku wore. A white, sleeveless dougi, black pants, and his gauntlets. "Actually, yes. Is it abnormal?"
"You may want to get some new clothes, love. someone may mistake such a strange character for a Chosen."
"So that is your question." Arn stated flatly. "For someone who tells others how obvious they are, you do not hide your intentions that well. No I am not a Chosen, however, I am looking for them. Why did you want to know if I was one?"
No bothering to hide her disappointment, the girl replied, "Just to see something special. I wanted to be able to tell people that I had met a Chosen. Why are you looking for them?"
"To find out the Truth of the Soulstone." He answered her, fighting off the depression that radiated off of her. not wanting to drag the conversation out, he stood up to leave. but hesitating for a moment, he turned his head towards her. "If I find one, I will suggest that they stay here." He said quietly, walking out into the street with all the anticipation of one who walks into a blizzard.