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located in Tier Lumina, a part of Crossing Blades, one of the many universes on RPG.

Tier Lumina

"The Capital city is a place of peace for my people... that at least should never change." ~ King Crucible


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Character Portrait: Yohana Haruna Saiko
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Kaida was hunting again.

She'd hoped to never have to track someone down again, but here she was, in the Capitol. Doing just that.

She'd arrived a few days ago, and she was very travel-weary. At least Tier Lumina was a big city- she could find people easily here. True, it was better to hide in a big place, but it was like watching mice run through a very complicated maze for the former bounty hunter. Having grown up in a city and been on the run, she knew all of the secrets of places like these.

She strode down the rich streets, ignoring the strange glances passerby sent her way. She probably looked like a killer to them- dark clothes and a staff slung across her back. Luckily the guards on duty had known her from before and had looked the other way.

Her prey wasn't a bounty criminal this time, however. She was looking for the Chosen that Aquafienna was abuzz with news about. The one she had her sights on was in Tier Lumina today- supposedly. Yo... Yo something. She knew the name would come to her later.

As she walked towards the poor, bar-filled area of town, she scanned the crowd for anyone that looked like someone trying to avoid attention. None of the walking people fit the bill, so she continued her path.

Finally reaching her destination, she looked around at the bar fronts. One looked about right, so she settled her gaze on it. Just then, a pack of Fangs approached. Yohana Saiko. The name burst forth in her memory. If he was a Chosen... The Fang would be looking for the Chosen, wouldn't they?

"Hey, missy, what're you doing on this side o' town? It's pretty nasty 'round here." Kaida sighed. She bet that these Fangs were drunk- still able to arrest people for no reason. Or flirt, whichever really came first. Ah well, this might have to go down the hard way. One of them pushed up and staggered a little dizzily. He fell forwards and Kaida stepped back, sending the guard onto his face.

"Excuse me, please. I just need to get around; I was meeting up with a friend of mine." Maneuvering around the group, she walked calmly towards the bars. Deciding on one named The Lumina Retreat, she looked back to make sure they weren't following her.

A few walked around, watching her warily. One was following her, and she almost ran into the door once she looked back. Opening it, she stepped inside, and hoped that she hadn't just brought the corrupt Guard down on the Chosen. "Uh, hello. By any chance, are any of you Yohana Saiko?" A few occupants looked up, but none of them exactly leapt up and volunteered.

She stepped aside as the guard entered. Unfortunately, he was drunk as well and took an interest in her. Oh great. This is going to get awkward.