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located in The Land of Tarantia, a part of Crossing Blades, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Land of Tarantia

"The open wilds are a dangerous place, monsters, bandits, Lumina Fangs and worst of all, me! Haha!" ~ Naga


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The Azure Tankard, one of Tier Lumina's most popular taverns, was as busy as usual dealing with mercenaries and refugees. The Tankard's second in command in the line of management was Lillith Killian (née Azura), a woman in her late twenties and a mother of one six month old child, and recent widow, as her husband was killed tragically almost two weeks ago during the blood moon night. Her father, Liran Azura, proud founder and owner of the Azure Tankard, was upstairs taking care of the child. His other five daughters, were busy doing their jobs as barmaids of the inn, giving the refugees food and shelter, and on the occasion if eldest sister Lillith was not watching, flirt with the mercenaries. Both Lillith and Liran were mindful of these five as all of the latter's daughters (including the widowed Lillith), were blessed with grace, charm, and beauty.

One mercenary in particular was riding towards the tavern and breathed in the atmosphere of the ever approaching location, which to him would hopefully feel more welcoming then the rest of the city. The whole city felt a bit, stranger to him and he spent his childhood here, what caused the change of atmosphere in the rest of Tier Lumina and why? As he rode he noted the strange looks and glares he had gotten from the King's Lumina Fangs.

"What has gotten into them?" he wondered as he looked behind him towards the gate which he passed through with some difficulty. One of the guards attempted to take his sword and crossbow from him, but he gave them a glare he inherited from his father. It was a look liable to make even the most toughest of men sweat, and he was on his way. He spotted a strange man barging through the guards and actually slicing through them.

"Uhh Obi, we might want to go a bit faster otherwise that fight's liable to get us caught in there too!" The Mercenary stated as he tried to ride but a twinge of guilt passed through him as he sighed and grabbed his Crossbow. "Strike fast and unseen Na'ari's Fang." he thought as he fired at one of the man's pursuers.

"Argh! My knee!" the mercenary looked in shock at his aim and shrugged. "Hey Samurai, once you ditch your welcoming committee come to the Azure Tankard and I'll buy you a drink!" the man shouted to the running samurai as he himself headed for said tavern rounding a corner into the stables of the place. He knew how to get into that stables well. His first job was right here in this very inn. He dismounted and walked into the Tavern.

He breathed in the warm familiar atmosphere of the tavern. He then spotted Lillith and smiled underneath his helm as he walked into the bar. Lillith saw him and sighed with relative disgust at the arrival of another mercenary, and was about to say something when Zianro took the visor covering his face's lower half off. "Hi Sis, heard about brother in law and well, I felt compelled to visit everyone and see how they're doing." Zianro stated in a calm voice.

"Zianro Azura! You idiotic troublemaker! Don't startle me like that!" Lillith replied angrily only to calm down a bit before hugging her youngest sibling over the counter. "You little rascal I missed you. Eight years and no letter."

"Sis, don't scold me, I'm not twelve any more, I'm a full grown man of twenty two and I missed all of-" before Zianro could say more, he felt tackled by five more pairs of arms wanting to hug him, all of the other sisters shouting with glee and happiness at seeing baby brother home.

"Jeez, my sisters have grown...and blossomed?!?!? Holy Crap!" He thought in alarm, and wormed out of there grips before signaling to Lillith to get him a drink, who was almost happy to oblige.