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located in Tier Lumina, a part of Crossing Blades, one of the many universes on RPG.

Tier Lumina

"The Capital city is a place of peace for my people... that at least should never change." ~ King Crucible


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Character Portrait: Kaori Matsushita
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Image-----'Fucking idiots, thinking that they would actually be able to still my stuff, well they had another thing coming.' she thought to herself as she yanked her belongings out of the unconscious bandit's hands. She opened up the bag to make sure that everything was where it should be before packing up the rest of her stuff and leaving them with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Kaori had taken some of their stuff, which was nothing more than a heavy bag of coins and rusted weapons, but nothing that won't sell. "What goes around, comes around." she said to herself as she looted them.

-----She didn't even need to use Ragnarök against the petty bandits, they were almost as weak as they were brain dead. Ragnarök was still in its shrunken form, sitting safely in Kaori's pocket, besides that she had no other weapons with her. She was almost to Tier Lumina, though she hadn't imagined that she'd be returning to her hometown because some magical storm had told her to. She definitely didn't grow up in the rich district of the area, though she often raided people’s houses in that district. Most of her childhood was spent living in the slums of Tier Lumina, though she truly wasn't bothered by that fact.

-----Kaori didn't need more than she already had, and she never wanted more than what she needed. Although vain, she wasn't greedy. While others would rather complain about their problems than trying to fix them, she did the exact opposite. Never once while living in poverty did she complain about her problems or try to put the blame on someone else other than herself. She just merely dealt with them to the best of her abilities and in the end it paid off somewhat. Before she approached the gates of the city she hid the miniature version of Ragnarök under the tattered soles of her shoes.

-----It did give her a slightly off angle when walking, but it wasn't noticeable unless you knew what you were looking for. She had managed to safely get passed the front gate without any troubles. Over the past few years she'd forgotten how big the city of Tier Lumina was, though somehow she knew exactly where she was going and what was the shortest route to get there. Possibly the five years of roaming these streets managed to firmly implant themselves in her mind. Kaori had decided that she didn't have the time to listen to undependable rumors from drunken idiots.

-----If she needed some information she would simply beat it out of people until she got the answers that she needed. Though it wasn't the most peaceful way of solving things, but for obvious reasons it always the most effective way. Though she usually didn't threaten people outright, this time the situation was different. 'I wonder if Zinc still hangs around this part of the city, he seemed to know everything that was going on. I swear the dude has eyes in the back of his fucking he-' abruptly, her thoughts were interrupted as a little boy, no older than the age of ten or nine ran straight into her and almost knocked her off her feet.

-----"Hey! Watch where you're going, brat!" The kid looked at her for a moment, big blue eyes wide with fear, before taking off again in the other direction. However, before he had left, she had noticed that he had a loaf of bread in his hands. Kaori had also taken notice that he was not particularly afraid of her, but afraid of the three giants that had emerged from the alley from which he escaped from. The tallest of them (who seemed to be well over the height of six feet from her perspective) had a nasty look in his eye, very apparent buck teeth and a hideous scar over his right eye. To keep it short, he wasn't a very pretty guy, and neither were his two buddies.

-----"Well hello there, I suppose ye saw a little boy, en he was carrying a loaf of bread?". Kaori noticed that he had a hint of a southern accent by the way he pronounced his words a few of his words. "Nope, didn't see anyone come by here. But I did see those yellow buck teeth of yours, might want to start cleaning them. Just a suggestion." At that remark the man frowned, and took one step closer to Kaori. "Listen here missy, I don't like bein lied to, and I especially don't like bein made fun of. So I'ma ask you again, did ye see a little boy come through here?" He said in a sneering tone. "Again, I'll tell you that I didn't see any boy come through here except you and your friends there. Also, can you please back away from me, your buck teeth are in full blown view now."

The man was visibly becoming irritated, and he began to draw his blade. "Fine den, if you aren't gonna tell me willingly I'll just have to force it out of you.". His blade was fully drawn now, from a quick study of it, it seemed to be dull and rusted. The other two men behind him also drew their blades and took on fighting stance. "Fine then, I'll be glad to take you on in a fight if it means your ass will leave me alone"