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Thomas Currie

The mouth snapped closed when the first rock had gone in, but after the first fistful of gravel had been shaken off the maw, the Thomas-creature snickered and snapped at the third, fourth and fifth handful.

"Then our purpose is served. *glub* Even one, such as *chomp* you, a supernatural, seem to *snap* judge our actions from mortal human standards. You've been around them too long and denied your very nature. No wonder playdough-girl likes you, you're as much putty in the hands, as she seems to be."

With a hoarse growl, the second forelimb was torn free of the hitherto restraining shadow tentacles. Only two remained now.

Rubrec DeBheil

Rubrec had been silent and unmoving until now. He drew a deep breath, closed his eyes once more and made a swift gesture towards Thomas. His shadow rippled and something seemed to pass between the two Half-Apokalytes, though there was no indication at what it had been. He slowly turned on the spot and stopped with his back to Thomas.