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Snippet #2566170

located in The Pokemon Universe, a part of A Journey Into Darkness, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Pokemon Universe



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Gardening was hard work, sure, but it wasn't any better under such harsh conditions. The sun blitzing down, her Pokemon being the only ones to have any fun... Sigh, even her mother was rocking under the shade. Today was the one year mark of her ceased adventures with her Eevee family, but her mother was in better shape now when ever. Maybe it was just because they were around the house in order to help. After all, her dad hadn't been around for a long time.

Hey, for all she knew, she might even be able to go back out to train again. All she needed was some sort of miracle. Not this dead and dying boredom... Really, she needed anything but this.

Groaning as she finished patting the soil around one of the plants, Cora stood up as she brushed her knees off. This was almost just too hot to deal with. Nope, not worth it in the least... Looking back towards her mother, a smiling, happier version than a year ago, well, it put a different tone on things. Or at least, they kinda did.

It wasn't until something crashed into the backyard's tree, than landing into the bushes and newly planted flowers.

"Cora, is everything okay over there...?" Her mother stood up, taking a few steps towards the grassy yard.

"Yeah, mom! It might just be a Pokemon!" Cora dismissed, putting down her gardening trowel as she slowly made her way over to the crash site. Worried and concerned, the dirty-blonde parted the plants only to be genuinely stunned. How.. in the world...?

This couldn't be real. This wasn't real. This couldn't be happening!

A thousand thoughts began to run through her mind. Why was it here? Why was it hurt? What... in the world was happening? Was this some sign as to why the world was falling into chaos?

Her felt her breathing pick up, a cold sweat pouring over her body. This... was too scary for her. But here was the one. Mew... Swallowing hard, she pulled off her extra layer (maybe that was why she was whining about the heat so badly?) and wrapped it around the poor creature.

"Mom! I-I... I need to go! Something's seriously wrong!"

"Huh! Cora! Wait!" By the time Cora had open the gate to the backyard and dashed off, it was too late. Right now, Mew was all the mattered, it needed help. Badly, and unfortunately that was what Cora needed to do. She couldn't possibly run quick enough to serve the urgency of the situation.

"Eh? What's happening?"

"Mama, is that Pokemon dying?"

"Something's terribly wrong!"

Slamming her tiny body into the Poke Center doors, carefully shielding Mew, Cora cried out. "Quick! Someone help! I-It's going to die!" Cora cried, the jacket finally falling off to reveal the poor cute legendary. Eyes adjusting, it seemed like a Ranger was having his own issues, as did a blonde... girl? Was that? "Charlotte!" Cora cried, running quickly over as Nurse Joy began to fret not only over the Abra, but not shocked and overly-concerned for the poor legendary.

The last thing Cora heard from the Pokemon, was a soft "mew", as well as the Pokemon opening it's eyes briefly to show its thankful blue eyes.